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Part 1

The weekend so far has been an interesting one and I am glad that I decided to take part in this experiment of communal living in the Old School style. John found this mansion advertised in a fetish mag and after visiting, he organised and arranged the stay with the owner. I and twenty four others are now proud temporary owners of a beautiful house and converted stable block for three whole days!
Each of us has paid for the accomodation in advance and yesterday was busy as everyone arrived and settled into quarters in the converted stables ranged around the huge courtyard of the old mansion house. I am very happy to see that all the apartments are taken and that the experiment is looking to be a great success so far.
The apartments are small and rather basic, with one small bedroom for myself and an even smaller room adjoining containing a pull down bunk style couch for my slave, but each one is en suite and very clean and comfortable.

After settling in, we all meet in the main house and organise which slaves will be responsible for each task in the running of the household. My slave is a good cook and so is one of several delegated to prepare meals and generally help in the kitchen when needed.
'I expect you to work hard and do as the supervisor tells you.' I warn him. 'See that I do not receive any complaints or you will be severely punished.'
The day and evening pass off very well with lots of activities and I am able to do some enjoyable catching up with old friends. When it gets very late, I tell the boy I am tired and wish to go to sleep, but once he has hung my clothes up and seen me comfortably settled for the night, he may then stop up as long as he likes providing he serves me breakfast in bed at eight prompt the next morning.
I have heard that the slaves and subs have planned a feast of curry and wine in the large kitchen of the main house once all owners are in bed. I know that the boy is keen to be a part of the fun and I am happy to permit him to join in.
'Ensure that you do not wake me when you finally arrive back.' I tell him. 'And do not drink too much! I expect you to be awake early, fresh and alert and serving my breakfast at dead on eight.'

Now, the next morning, I sit in bed, propped up by two pillows and wait, tapping my nails impatiently on the coverlet as I look at my watch. Where is my breakfast and wherever can the boy be? It is ten past the hour already and I am hungry and impatient for my meal!
I glance out of the window towards the main house and in the direction of the kitchen, where no doubt other slaves, both individually owned and those collared to the community as a whole are busy preparing breakfast for their owners
My own boy should have been there preparing MY breakfast and serving it ten minutes ago, but still no sign of the slut!

Suddenly I see him hurrying across the courtyard with a loaded tray and then he appears in the doorway of my room and stands there looking sheepishly at me. I take in his confused air and bedraggled appearance and frown.
'Whatever has happened?' I ask. 'Have you been in some sort of an accident?'
He hesitates as if formulating his response and while he does so, I look more closely at him.
'Get over here.' I order. 'What is the matter with you and why are you so late?'
As he slowly approaches me, I wrinkle my nose and stare at him.
'What on earth........' I begin then stop and stare in horror.
'What are those stains at the front of your shirt?' I demand. 'And why can I smell curry on your clothing and stale wine on your breath? There had better be a very good explanation for the disgraceful manner in which you appear before me!'
As the boy mumbles and shuffles, I get out of bed and walk around him.
'Get on your knees!' I snap.' Stop whining and let me take a better look at you.'

Turning, I take up the carbon fibre schooling whip from the bedside table and holding it in one hand, use the tip to lift up the edge of his loose fitting shirt.
'How disgusting! I exclaim. ' You are covered in curry and wine stains. How dare you present yourself in this state?'
I bring the whip down hard across his shoulders.
'Why were you not up in time to wash, change your clothing and serve me breakfast suitably presented and at the prescribed hour?' I demand.
I stand over him as he mumbles out his explanation, getting angrier and angrier as the tale of too much wine and too much curry unfolds until at last his voice trails into silence.
'You dirty, disobedient slut!' I shout. 'Get into your room and strip off everything exept your undershorts. Leave your clothing in the linen basket and return here. Do NOT wash yourself.'

As I await his return my friend looks around the door and grins at me.
'Ah! I see you have at least got some breadkfast' she says.
'Yes, but very late' I tell her, spooning a forkfull of scrambled egg into my mouth.
She grins even wider.
'My slave saw him leaving the party last night' she tells me. 'He said he was very drunk and then after he had finally cooked your meal this morning he was in so much of a rush to get it over to you that he almost knocked me over. Don't be too hard on him. He wasn't the only one that overdid the wine last night.'
'It is unacceptable' I say as the boy re enters, naked and looking very bedraggled. 'I am not responsible for the training of the others. I AM responsible for the training of this one.'
I order him to his knees again and continue to eat and drink the not very well prepared food from a not very well prepared tray. My friend leaves after arranging to meet up later.

After I have finished my breakfast, I rise and stand silently looking at the kneeling boy for some time, then lean forward and grasp the steel chain collar he wears at all times. I twist it hard so that his breath is cut short and stand thus until he begins to panic. Loosening my grip, I pull on my dressing gown and a pair of high heeled satin slippers, then turn towards the door. I pick up a vicious looking carbon fibre schooling whip.
'Hands and knees! Heel!' I bark.
Holding his collar I drag him over the courtyard and into the busy kitchen and stop in the centre of the room.
'Stop work one moment and pay attention' I order the busy slaves and when all are looking at us I take a firmer grasp of the boy's collar and administer half a dozen hard cuts across his shoulders with the whip.
'This public correction is for greed, fouling his clothing, disobeying orders and lateness.' I state. 'Now you may continue what you were doing.'

Ordering him to stand and dragging him after me again, I open the large wooden door that leads down into the expansive cellars below the huge house and walk down the steep flight of stone steps, my high heeled slippers tapping in the silence as I slowly descend into the cold and dark regions below ground, only dimly lit by a small window set into the outside wall.
Along the far wall in the very darkest part of the spacious room are four large, strong dog cages stapled to the wall by metal bolts drilled into the stones and I see that one of these is already occupied by a hooded and gagged girl, who shuffles her body around on the thin layer of straw inside the confined space of her cage as she hears the sound of our entry. Above this row of cages hangs a small iron candlelit lantern and it's dim flickering glow casts moving shadows of the scores of whips, floggers, canes and various harnesses attached to the heavy beams.

'Hands and knees!' I again order the boy.
Selecting a pair of heavy iron wrist manacles I click them onto his wrists and then attach larger iron manacles onto his ankles, passing the chain of one around the other so that he can crawl with difficulty but not stand.
'Get into the end cage furthest away from that girl! ' I tell him.
When he is in, I slide the bolts home and then attach a large padlock on each bolt so that it cannot be slid back. Dropping the keys into my dressing gown pocket I walk to the other end cage and pull the gag away from the girl's mouth.
'Why are you here?' I ask harshly.
'debby answered back, Mistress.' she replies.'And she is a useless, lazy, good for nothing slut.'
'Well, here is another useless, lazy, good for nothing slut to keep you company' I tell her. 'Only this one stinks and no doubt will stink worse before I let him out again'

I turn back to the boy.
'As you attach more importance to food and your own pleasure than to your Mistresses orders let us see if a few hours in here in company with your hunger will make you understand the error of your ways.' I snap. 'If anyone asks you why you are here, you will tell them that you are dirty, disobedient, greedy scum and are not to be fed, watered or allowed out to visit the lavatory until I give the order.
I may or may not decide to allow you out to eat later, but if I do let you go, any mess you make in the cage will need to be cleaned out by you before you leave. I will also be administering a public whipping tomorrow evening and will expect you to have formulated a suitable apology by then.'

Taking up a thin ragged blanket, I thrust it through the cage bars, then blowing out the candle in the lantern, I leave the cellar in darkness and return to the lounge and the comfort of my chair.

Part 2

At four o clock that afternoon, I click on the main lights of the cellar and hurry down the stone steps and over to the boy's cage. I unlock it and replace the key on the hook above it.
As soon as he crawls out of the straw filled cage I realise by the smell and his red ashamed face that he has wet himself while waiting to be released.
'Disgusting creature! Out quickly and remove that soiled straw, then shower and get yourself ready to go to your work preparing the food!' I snap. 'Need I warn you to be industrious and obedient? As soon as everyone has eaten and you have helped to wash up, come back and report to me in the main lounge.'
As he scurries up the steps, I help him on his way with a hard whack on his rear end with a large wooden butter pat, then leisurely make my way to the kitchen for a coffee.

After dinner and as the clock hands approach 7.30, I see him in the doorway of the lounge area. He approaches me hurredly and kneels.
'Get up and go to your room. Strip, then return here with the senior dragon.' I order.
Ten minutes later he is back. He approaches me on hands and knees with the cane held carefully in his mouth and then, kneeling naked at my feet presents it to me. By then the room is crowded with dominants relaxing and talking after the evening meal. The Duty Mistress looks around the door.
'Public punishment room is open if anyone wants it !' she calls gaily.
Several people immediately get up and hurry out of the lounge to the room reserved for public chastisement. This room is open twice every day at specified times to ensure that people are gathered together to either witness or participate in the punishment prescribed by a Master or Mistress.

'Heel me!' I order and then follow the others into the fairly large room, empty exept for three high benches and three whipping posts, all bolted to the wooden floor. One of the slaves is already being attached to one of the benches with a length of green rope.
I walk to one of the posts and ordering the boy to his feet I put on his cuffs and clip them to the large metal ring set high up in the rough wood. Stepping back to the edge of the room I watch as two more slaves are clipped onto the other two posts. When all are finished in these preparations the Duty Mistress claps her hands for silence.
'Ok. Who is to be the first?' she asks, looking around.
I lift a hand.
'I will if no one else is in a hurry?' I ask.
No one else seems to be, so I stand and looking around the room, raise my voice a little so that all can hear me.
'This miserable boy is to be punished for deceit, greed and disobeying a direct order.' I tell everyone. 'Also for being a dirty slut.You would think he was a grown man wouldn't you, but what did he do? He wet himself like some infant who had not yet learnt to control his bladder.'
I smile disdainfully and hear laughter from some of those present.
'Maybe he needs to wear a nappy Emma?' cries someone.
'A good idea!' I respond. 'And maybe I will make him do just that, but in the meantime he is to publicly receive eight strokes of the cane to teach him the error of his ways.'

Stepping forward, I flex the dragon and then position myself at a good distance to the side of the post and tap him with the cane several times to gauge the distance and where I wish to position the strokes. Satisfied, I address the boy.
'After each stroke you will count aloud and then thank me for correcting you.' I instruct.
Raising the cane. I administer three very hard cuts in quick succession, not giving him time to recover from one before delivering the next. As I pause and step back he is writhing with the pain and has not had time to count.
'Did anyone hear this slave count as I ordered him to do?' I ask.
'Noooooooooooo!' they reply.
'Hmmmmm. I wondered if I had missed it.' I say. 'Obviously he is not yet ready to do as instructed so we will begin again.'

This time I space the cuts so that he has time to count and thank me. I give him six hard strokes and by that time his bottom has several nasty looking evenly spaced raised wheals, which seem to be blackening as I look. I step to him and inspect the damage and pull his head back by the hair. He snuffles and I see tears in his eyes.
'Stop whining boy!' I say cheerfully. 'I am the one who is having to do all the work and you do not hear me whining do you?'
Sniggering, I step back to my former position and flex the cane. I smile sweetly at him.
'Poor boy. You are going to have a very bruised bottom and because my prime concern is your well being I do not feel I can bruise it any more.' I inform him righteously.'You are permitted to thank Mistress for being merciful and caring enough to wish to protect her property from further injury.'
He beams as I bend forward to listen to his stuttered thanks.
'You are most welcome.' I tell him politely, then quickly stepping back again I administer the two last cuts to the 'sweet spot', the fleshy part of his thighs just below the buttocks. He squeals like a stuck pig and dances in pain.
'Hmmmmmm. I did not hear you count or thank me!' I tell him.
'Ohhh nooooooo.' he wails. 'Please Mistress! Nooooo.'

I can hear Julie giggling in the corner and my own lips begin to twitch.
'Ahhh Go on then!' I tell him. 'I am far too softl I know, but I will let you off if you beg hard enough.'
I listen to his plea for mercy and shake my head.
'That was pathetic.' I tell him. 'Try again and put some conviction into your voice.'
He tearfully pleads again and I sighhhhhhh.
'A little better but still not good.' I say sadly. 'It looks as though I am going to have to cane you again if you cannot get this right. Now beg better bitch.'
Several attempts and two strokes of the cane later, I judge he has had enough and grudgingly accept his pleas for forgiveness. I take him off the post and tell him to get on all fours. After again inspecting his bottom I bend and give him a brief hug and a smile.
'Well done!' I tell him. 'I just hope you are grateful that I care enough to take the time and trouble to correct you.'

Later, he helps serve a light supper to us all and as he kneels at my feet and presents his own plate up to me in the Gorean fashion, I take it from him and then hand it back as a silent permission for him to eat.
Contentedly we both enjoy the meal........


Part 3

The next day, I am in the communal lounge typing emails on my laptop when Johnny puts his head round the door.
'There is a bit of a row going on in the laundry room.' He tells me. 'I think your boy is in trouble again.'
I tuttt and get up from my desk.
'He had better not be!' I exclaim. 'It was only yesterday that I punished him for disobeying a direct order.'
Johnny grins. 'Hmmm. Well I hope you still have energy left to punish him again!' he tells me.
Following him to the laundry room, I can hear a raised male voice and the sound of a girl crying loudly. I open the door and see my slave standing up against the wall being harangued by a tall man while a sobbing girl watches the proceedings.

As I enter the room, my boy kneels as he has been trained to do.
'What is going on?' I ask
'This boy was hugging and kissing my slave! ' the man replies angrily.
I beckon the boy forward.
'Is this true?' I ask him.
He hesitates.
'Mistress. I was helping Debby to iron some shirts and she hugged me.' he explains.
I look at Debby.
'What happened?' I ask. She looks at me sulkily then at her Master.
'It is true that he ironed some shirts.' she admits.
'Who hugged who?' I probe.
Debby hesitates and again looks at her Master appealingly. Two large tears slide down her plump cheeks.
'Debby is frightened Master!' she wails.
He steps forward and puts his hand on her head.
'You have no right to bully my girl' he tells me. 'You have not the authority to question her either.'
I stare at him a few moments as Debby sniffles loudly.
'I am sorry but I do not recall your name.' I tell him.
'My name is Carl and Debby is my slave.' he responds.
'Hello Carl. Good to meet you.' I smile. 'As you do not wish me to question your girl, I will step back and listen while you question her and maybe we can find out what happened here?'

He looks again at my slave, then at me.
'I don't feel I need to question her. I came here to see if Debby had finished ironing because she had been a long time.' he tells me. 'And when I came into the room I saw them kissing. My girl knows her orders and would not hug anyone without my permission. Your boy must have grabbed her. I have been told that you are a Gorean and I know a bit about that. A Gorean male slave cannot touch a female and should not even have been looking at her so what are you going to do about that?'
'Hmmm. Why dont you ask her who hugged who?' I suggest.
He pats Debbies head.
'What happened? Did he grab you?' he asks.
Debby looks up at him with soulful eyes.
'Yes Master.' she responds, still sniffling.
I look enquiringly at my slave who is staring at Debby with surprise, quickly turning to outrage.
'Mistress, that is untrue!' he cries. 'Debby hugged me because I had helped her. I did not even know she was going to do it until she put her arms around my neck and kissed me. She is not telling the truth and he is stupid to believe her lies'

I step forward and grasping his hair I pull his head down.
'Belly!' I order and release my hold as he quickly slides into position.
'You will apologise to Master Carl at once!' I state, looking coldly into his flushed, angry face.
He shuffles around to face Carl and stretches out his hands towards Carls boots.
'Please forgive slave for his impetuous and disrespectful words.' he whispers.
Carl looks taken aback and stares at him as if unsure if the apology is genuine or if he is being made fun of and then nods.
'No worries' he mutters.
I smile at him.
'I do not believe that my boy started that hug or that he touched Debby first.' I state. 'I think that your girl instigated what happened because she was happy that the shirts had been ironed and that my slave was taken by surprise. Then you came in before he had even had time to react and Debby panicked and lied. I will not be punishing him for something that was not his fault. As regards him looking at her....some Gorean ways are not practical in real life situations and I think this particular rule comes into this catagory.'

I pause and eye Debby with no favour.
'I think that your submissive is lying and being manipulative' I add. 'However, I apologise unreservedly for my slave's insulting language to you which was uncalled for and contrary to everything he has been taught. He has brought me dishonour by his words to you and I assure you that I will be punishing him severely for his rudeness. I now ask if you would like to choose his punishment or leave the matter to me?'
Carl glares at me.
'My girl does not tell lies.' he informs me angrily.
'Really? How unusual! My boy has been known to tell lies in the past and no doubt will tell me some in the future.' I respond coldly. 'He is far from perfect but I do not think he is lying now and my decision not to punish him for touching a female stands. Now, I have mail that I need to answer so would be happy to conclude here if you do not mind. What would you like me to do with my slave?'
Carl shrugs angrily.
'Do as you wish.' he tells me. 'You will no doubt stand up for him no matter what I say.'
'I will certainly take his side if I think he has done nothing wrong.' I reply. 'And I will punish and correct him for any wrongdoing because that is HIS right as my slave. Any dominant who does not provide correction is not doing his submissive any favours and is not fullfilling his obligations. Now please excuse me and I do hope we get a chance to talk at some point and get to know each other better. Maybe we can have a coffee in the sitting room in say half an hour and try to have a friendly chat about this?'

Carl stares at me and then shrugs.
'Yes ok.' he tells me. 'I have to admit that I am still very new at this domination thing and learning the ropes so to speak. Maybe I over reacted. We have got off to a bad start. Lets see if we can get over that.'
I beam at him.
'Great! See you soon then.' I tell him and we both move towards the door, Debbie following in Carl's wake. I turn and glare at my slave still flat on the laundry room floor.
'You have shamed me by your rudeness. Stay there until I come for you!' I order.



Sitting over coffee and croissants in the kitchen, we discuss general D/s related subjects and I learn that Carl has very limited experience, but is deeply interested in moving forward in all fields. He seems a very likable person and I am glad to get an opportunity to widen my circle of lifestyle friends.
Carl again expresses concern about the recent disagreement and asks if he can question my boy. I reply that I am more than happy to allow this.
I am very surprised when he suggests that Debby should be sent to summon my slave. I hesitate for an instant and feel as though I should point out that he had complained earlier about the boy even looking at a female and now is sending that same female to fetch him, but instead I nod my head in amused agreement.
Very soon both return and Debby flounces back over to Carl and sits at his feet while my slave hesitates at the door on hands and knees awaiting permission to enter and approach. I give consent and he crawls to me and stops in front of my chair. Because he is not sure if he is in favour, he does not kneel, but remains on hands and knees with his head down. I prod him with my foot.
'Attend to what Master Carl has to say to you.' I tell him.

Carl clears his throat.
'I have a bit of a problem here.' he informs the boy. 'Debby tells me that you grabbed hold of her and you say you did not. One of you is lying and until I find out who it is I do not feel comfortable with the situation because I now do not know whether I fully trust my girl.'
He hesitates and my slave remains with head down but on one side and obviously attentive to Carl's words.
Carl looks at me.
'I do not know what to do.' he confesses. 'Do you have any ideas?'
'I would not worry too much about it.' I tell him. 'The truth has a way of surfacing when we least expect it. However, even if my slave is telling the truth, you have been made to worry and that fact (even though it possibly may not have beeen his fault) combined with his earlier insolence towards you is punishable by Gorean standards. As you are now feeling a little uncomfortable with the situation I would like to suggest something to you. Will you consent to be Master to my slave for two days? My boy owes you something, but I confess I also have a selfish reason for wishing to do this. He does not yet fully accept his submission to the male sex and serving you as his Master will hopefully help him in this and strengthen his mindset towards serving a male. It would be doing me a favour were you to consent.'

Carl looks at me in surprise while Debby sits up and glares first at me and then at my slave.
'What!? she bleats. ' No way!'
Carl grabs her hair and tugs her head up.
'You shame me in front of others!' he hisses. 'Either do as you are told, or get up and get lost.'
He continues to look in her face until she subsides, muttering and red in the face with anger.
Carl remains silent, obviously mulling over my suggestion and at last speaks.
'Well if it would be a new thing for him it would certainly be a new thing for me also! ' he tells me. 'Debby is my first real submissive and I have never had charge of a male before. However, I am always ready and eager to learn and to widen my experience and if he does not mind then neither do I.'
I smile.
'He definately does not mind.' I state coldly.
'Right then! What do we do now?' Carl asks.
I nudge my slave again, then I reach forward and grasp his hair, dragging him forward and towards Carl. I then take Carl's hand and place it on the slim Turian style collar.
'I give this slave to you for the space of two days to do with as you choose, to punish, reward, train and use as you see fit providing you respect the limits that I now impose upon you.' I intone.

Quickly and simply I tell Carl of his few limits and he nods.
'I am very happy with that and will respect them fully.' he assures me.
I smile and address the boy.
'Submit to your Master, slave.' I order.
As a bemused and nervous looking phoenix bellies (look it up) to Carl I cannot help smiling at his expression and decide to tease a little.
'This disgusting object likes anal play.' I tell Carl. 'Please feel free to use him well and often.'
Carl actually blushes and I cannot help smiling.
'I am not gay! ' he stutters.'I do not think I would want to do that.'
I see my slave exhale the involuntary gasp of relief that he has given and cannot help giggling.
'Ahhhhh How disappointed he will be!' I say, hardly able to keep my face straight. 'In that case, may I ask that you will consider borrowing something of mine?'
Getting up, I go to my room and return quickly with some light harnesses and a selection of colourful butt plugs ranging from the fairly small to eye watering size. I look at Carl enquiringly as he regards the paraphinalia with great interest.
'May I ?' I ask. He nods and going behind my boy, I order him to get his shoulders onto the tiled floor and with the use of a little lube, quickly insert a nice big purple knobbly latex plug attached to a harness consisting of four thin straps, two of which fasten around the waist while the other two pass between the legs and then clip onto the waist straps, thus securing the plug firmly in place.
'There ya go!' I tell Carl brightly. 'See how happy he is now? A happy slave is a hard working slave and the bigger the butt plug and the longer he wears it the happier he is!' I hand Carl the bag containing the other plugs. 'You will find some nice fresh ginger in there as well.' I add, smirking.

Carl looks bemusedly at the bag and then laughs.
'I think this might turn out to be instructive AND fun.' he says.
He glares at his newly aquired property half in jest.
'Now then slave' he orders. 'As you are so good with ironing and Debby is rubbish at it, you will now go and finish the rest. Debby, you will go with him and hopefully learn how to iron better. Neither of you will speak exept when necessary in order to teach or ask questions and you will NOT touch each other on any pretence whatsoever. Here is the key to my room and when I come to check in one hour, I expect it to be ironed, folded and put away and I expect Debby to be able to do the job alone in future.'
'Yes Master.' mutters Debby with a mutinous look. She gets up and moves to the door looking back impatiently as she waits for, what is for the moment Carl's slave to join her.
'Yes Master!' responds phoenix with just the teeniest trace of a hesitation before crawling to the door, standing and following Debby out.

Carl and I settle down contentedly to finish our meal and discuss the pros and cons of ginger versus chilli.



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