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David stared at the computer screen, his brow furrowing in concentration as he read the words in the website;
''Please take note that I take all forms of distant service very seriously and that you will be given tasks to do away from the computer or telephone.''
'It sounds just the thing for me!' he muttered to himself.
He looked around his home and sighed. Three years after a rather messy divorce he was still trying to settle into the routine of having only himself to think about and plan for. His job paid well and his self contained apartment was comfortable if not exactly luxurious, the overstuffed sofa that he had brought with him contrasting strangely with the ultra modern furnishings he had aquired since moving in.
He went out with his friends on Saturday nights and had a girlfriend of sorts who lived at some distance and made anything more than a weekly meet impractical. David was glad in a way that they neither of them wanted to move in together because he had not got around to telling Ginny about his cross dressing.

He shivered slightly as he recalled his ex wife's face when she had come home unexpectedly and found her husband wearing pink panties and a pink and black PVC corset. Her horrified eyes had taken in his blonde wig and scarlet lips and then she had screamed at him, called him a disgusting pervert, a queer, a liar and a deceiver.
'Twenty three years married to THIS and I never suspected!' she had yelled, grabbing the badly styled nylon wig and yanking it off before punching him in the ribs and bursting into tears.
David had tried to explain to her that he was as straight as the next man, that he loved her and wanted things to be as before, that he would promise never ever to dress again if it upset her so much. Christine would not listen, pushed him off and threw his hand away when he tried to comfort her. Then she had rushed out of the room and upstairs and David heard her opening doors and slamming cupboards as she packed. He followed her up and knocked on the locked door.
'Please let me explain Christine.' he had pleaded.
'Get away from me you freak!' she had screamed.
Christine had left ten minutes later and had never come back. David had received a letter from a solicitor and later on divorce papers which he did not contest. That was three years ago.
David sighed again.

Now he lived by himself and no one cared if he wore a wig and makeup or how he dressed when alone, so he was able to indulge his hunger for all that was feminine whenever he wished. He had bought a red corset in PVC, but had thrown the pink one away because he could not wear it without the image of Christine's angry face intruded every time he put it on.He had two satin basques complete with matching satin thongs and silky stockings, a plentiful supply of cheap makeup and two wigs.
So why wasn't he happy? What was missing?
During the last three years he had thought a lot about this need to dress and how it had made such huge changes in his life and circumstances. He had asked himself if he could have kept his promise to never dress again if Christine had agreed to continue with the marriage. He honestly did not think he could have.
He smiled as he touched the soft blue satin of the basque he was wearing, loving the shiny silky feel of it under his fingers and the greasy, slightly tacky feel of the lipstick on his mouth.

Again, he looked at the screen.
''I take all forms of distant service very seriously....''
David picked up the 'phone and dialled. A short pause and then a voice.
'Ahh Hello there. Is this the Mistress?' David asked.'
'Speaking. How can I help?'
David took a deep breath.
'I am a transvestite, but not a very good one........And I want to be a good one.' he said, with a little nervous laugh.
'Well then David, let us do something about that.' Mistress responded.

Part 2

Four days later David sat beside the telephone drinking coffee and wearing his new aquisitions...a short flared skirt of green velvet and a thin, fitted high necked sweater in a beautiful shade of grey.
He had left work a little earlier than was usual, wolfed down his evening meal and had been hovering by the 'phone for the last hour, even though Mistress had told him she would not contact him before 7pm.
He was filled with exitement and also with a feeling of real satisfaction at the sucess of his enforced shopping trip to buy the outfit he was now wearing.
'I wish you to dress in your purchases when taking my call.' Mistress had told him.

At exactly seven pm the phone rang and David snatched it up.
'Hello David.' came Mistress's calm voice, contrasting strongly with his nervous one. 'How are you today?'
'I am very well thanks Mistress.' David responded. 'I bought the clothes and am wearing them right now.'
'Describe them and how and why you chose them.' ordered Mistress.
David enthusiastically described the pretty skirt and sweater and then told Mistress about his shopping trip.
'I was petrified because before now I had always ordered things by post! I went out in my lunch hour and it took me two trips to find what I wanted.' he explained. 'I used the charity shop you mentioned. I hadn't even noticed it up until then even though I walk past it every day! At first I was terribly embarassed and thought everyone was looking at me, but I soon realised that the only thing everyone else was interested in was themselves and what they could find to suit them. I had no idea what size to look for in the skirt but had measured my waist at home and took a tape with me to the shop to check sizes there. I just loved the the shade and style of the skirt as soon as I saw it and was thrilled that it happened to be in my size. The sweater was easy and I had a choice, but there were only two that had the high necks that you stipulated and so I bought the colour I liked best out of the two. When I went to pay I was shaking with nervousness but the woman at the till did not bat an eyelid. Maybe she thought I was buying for someone else.'
David knew he sounded like an exited child but was so happy that he did not much care.
'Well done!' said Mistress and David glowed with pride.

Mistress continued: 'I hope you have placed the large mirror in front of you as I directed? How are you sitting right now David?'
'Yes I have positioned the mirror. Um errr. What do you mean how am I sitting Mistress?' he asked.
'You need to be sitting upright and if you are wearing a short skirt or dress I expect you to have your knees or ankles crossed when you speak to me on the telephone.' Mistress told him. 'I do not permit my ladies to slouch or sit inelegantly so get your shoulders back and get those knees crossed and then check what you look like in the mirror!'
'Yes Mistress.' David responded, straightening up and quickly crossing one knee over the other. It felt very strange and also a little uncomfortable because he was used to sitting with his knees quite wide apart. Gazing into the mirror facing him he saw that he looked as uncomfortable and rigid as he felt. He was just about to tell Mistress so when she pre empted him by saying:
'It may feel very strange to you when sitting in that way but the strangeness will soon pass with practice and you WILL be practising on a regular basis. In future you will put the skirt and sweater on for at least ten minutes every evening and practice sitting elegantly while in front of the mirror. Now stand up. Did you look at the film clips of models on the catwalk that I sent you?'
'Yes Mistress.' replied David anxiously wondering if he was going to be ordered to walk in the same bouncing exaggerated way as the anorexic young women.
'Good. I wished you to study those clips to demonstrate that women tend to cross their feet a little in front of them when they walk and this is why they swing their hips. No one else does it in anything like the same degree as those catwalk ladies, but because the models exaggerate this feminine characteristic it makes it easy to spot and see what I mean. Men tend to walk with their feet placed apart and so their hips do not swing from side to side. I wish you to try walking a few paces and place each foot central to your body rather than apart.'
David got up and did as instructed but found it almost impossible to even slightly emulate the models.. He laughed aloud as he wobbled and ended up with his arms outstretched as though flying. Tripping up over his own feet, he sprawled onto the carpet and lay there giggling.

At the other end of the 'phone he could hear Mistress laughing.
'Dont worry. You will get the hang of it.' she assured him. 'It will take practice, practice and yet more practice and the more you practice the better you will get. When you have watched yourself sitting in the mirror each evening you will then get up and practice walking untl you can do it without wobbling. In a week's time I will be requiring you to set up your cam in a room big enough to walk in because I will be assessing you. I need to approve the outfit you are now wearing plus how you sit and walk. Will you be able to be here and online at the same date and time next week?'
'Oh yes Mistress!' replied David eagerly.
'Good! Be here then, dressed and with the cam set up and I will telephone you. In the meantime I have another task to set you. I want you to look again around the charity shops and see if you can spot a pretty and neat handbag that will match that skirt and top. I leave the shade to you.'
'Yes Mistress.'
'Again well done.' Mistress told him. 'Until next week then and good night girl.'
'Goodnight Mistress.'
David listened until he heard Mistress hang up then he reluctantly replaced the receiver.
His tummy was making little exited flutterings and his hand unconciously stroked the green velevet of the pretty skirt. Catching a sight of his smiling face in the mirror he straightened and pulled his shoulders back.
'Mistress was pleased...and I will practice!' he told himself then slowly and carefully began to walk towards his reflection.

Part 3

Ginny looked at her watch and sighed. David was late again!
Every weekend they met and stopped at each others homes on an alternating basis. This week it was David's turn as host and Ginny was waiting outside the train station to be picked up. She always travelled down by train as she hated the long drive and much prefered to relax with an interesting novel and pass the two hour journey in comfort.
Now she had been waiting ten minutes in the rain and was beginning to get a little impatient.
However as she saw the car appear and caught sight if David's smiling face all her annoyance disappeared and when the car slowed to a halt she jumped into the passenger seat and was welcomed with a hug and a kiss.
'Missed ya!' she told him and he laughed and kissed her again.
'Missed ya more!.' he responded as he eased the car into gear and into the traffic.
'Looking forward to the weekend. What have we got planned?' she asked eagerly.

They chatted and laughed on the short journey back to David's house and were soon drinking coffee while Ginny unpacked the few things she had brought for her overnight stay.
'Next weekend is your birthday' Ginny reminded David. 'And I want to ask a favour because I may just have a surprise for you. Can I come here again and stop over instead of you coming to me?'
Surprised and intrigued, David looked at her before nodding.
'Yes of course.' he told her. 'Do I get a clue what the surprise is?'
'Hmmmmm. Do you think you deserve one?' asked a laughing Ginny.
'Yes! replied David unhesitatingly.
'If I give you a clue do you promise not to ask about it any more?' challenged Ginny.
'Um errr. Yes go on then.' mumbled David.
'Ok My clue is........The food is fabulous!' cried Ginny.'Now no more questions.'

It was Monday and David's lunch hour. He threw down the letter he had been responding to, clicked 'save draft' on his email server and grabbed his coat.
'Going to lunch.' he called as he passed his coleagues and was acknowledged by nods and a few smiles as he walked out of the office and into the lift.
The office was in the city centre and David headed for a side steet just off the shopping mall. After two months of training with Mistress he now knew this street like the back of his hand because it was lined with charity shops and had become David's idea of paradise. Every weekday he did the rounds of as many as he could fit into the hour he allowed himself for lunch, sometimes buying to Mistress's specifications and sometimes just buying things for his personal pleasure. Mistress never ordered him to purchase expensive items and if he had to spend more than a few pounds would invariably ask him beforehand if he could comfortably afford it.
Today he was searching for something to match his own birthday present to himself! He almost skipped as he thought about this secret and very personal present.
Hanging in his very large and overcrowded wardrobe and beneath an old and outdated raincoat was the gown!

David has seen this spectacular dress in the window of a large and quite expensive store three weeks ago as he was walking from the carpark to the office and had fallen madly and irrevocably in love. He had stopped dead in his tracks and stared, oblivious to the impatient people streaming past and around him.
The floor length gown was made of electric blue chiffon over silk and had long wide, floaty chiffon sleeves that were gathered at the wrist with gleaming mother of pearl buttons. The skirt was shaped and fitted around the hips and legs then flared out at the hem in a frothy swirl of silver lace. The corset style bodice was tightly boned and the neckline was very low, plunging down to the waist in a deep V shape. Near the waist and down both sides of the neckline were eyelets containing a length of the silver lace that adorned the hem so that the deep V could be laced up a little more modestly if required.
David had stared for a full five minutes, then he bent forward and peered at the tiny price tag attached to the neck of the gown. He blinked as it registered on his brain. One hundred and fifteen pounds! Quickly he did some mental calculations. He had just had a raise in salary and he knew he had quite a nice sum in expenses due. He could afford that gown without breaking the bank!
Squaring his shoulders and with his heart thumping he entered the shop before he had time to change his mind and run away.

'Do you have the blue gown in the window in a size 18?' he had asked.
'Sorry Sir but that particular model is only made up to a size 16.' responded the sales woman. 'Could the lady come and try it on? The reason I ask is because the gown is a very exclusive make and generally fits one size bigger than cheaper makes. It is very generous. I am sure the 16 will fit her if size 18 is her usual size.'
David hesitated.
'What size chest is it?' he asked, blushing furiously but determined to carry this through.
The sales lady obligingly brought a tape and measured several places on the gown while David moved from one leg to another and metally crossed his fingers.
'Bust 42, Waist 36. Hips 40' she announced.
David beamed.
I'l take it in the size 16.' he told the woman and reached into his pocket for his credit card.

The boxed and wrapped gown had sat on his desk all afternoon and David had looked at it again and again, hardly able to wait until he could go home and try it on.
Once in the privacy of his flat he had quickly stripped and unwrapped the dress. He took it out and carefully stepped into it, feeling clumsy and gache as the silky floaty fabric clung to his hands and body.
It fitted perfectly!
It was a fraction too big on the hips, but David decided this did not matter as the eye was drawn to the dramatically daring plunge neckline with its silver lacing. Remembering Mistress's training he straightened and held himself erect, turning this way and that as he stared at his reflection in the full length wall mirror.
The gown looked amazing!
Even as he was without makeup, wig and shoes he looked and felt wonderful and he knew once he was made up, wigged and wearing the right shoes he would look and feel stunning. He desperately wanted to perform this transformation right then but knew he could not as he had some office work that he had brought home and also had to carry out Mistress's training routine.

This routine varied from week to week depending on what Mistress was teaching him at the time, but he had progressed a lot in the last two months and no longer had to practise walking and sitting every night.
Mistress had watched him doing this on cam, had praised his progress and after supervising a few improvements had declared herself well satisfied and said he could now move on to learning how to eat and drink elegantly.
That had been three months ago and since then David had learnt first via email modules and later by cam how to use basic makeup and how to apply foundation so that it covered but did not look too heavy, how to blend light and dark over areas of his face to give the illusion of high cheekbones and a more delicate bone structure. He had also learnt to speak softly when he was dressed and modulate his voice so that it sounded pleasantly husky instead of masculine and gruff.
Tonight he had been ordered to practise speaking aloud and then to record himself reading from a book and send the disc to Mistress to be assessed. Although he longed to transfform himself into 'Francine' the name he had chosen for his feminine alter ego he knew that Mistress's orders came first.

Only once early on in the relationship had he failed to carry out instructions. One evening he had decided that he could not really be bothered practising walking and sitting. He had watched TV instead, thinking that Mistress would just smile as usual and not really care if he practised or not. When he had emailed and casually told her what he had done she had responded with just one line.
'If you will not engage in the training I will not take the time and trouble to instruct you'

David had apologised and asked to resume the contract but had not heard from Mistress for two weeks, during which time he had cursed himself for taking Mistress for granted just because she had expressed her approval of his efforts in the past.
He had learnt from this experience and now made sure he practised on the nights designated by Mistress
Sighing he took off the gown and carefully replaced it in its wrapping.

He had tried it on every evening since, but when Fridays came around he worried that Ginny might be curious about the large pink box pushed to the back of the wardrobe so he had placed it under the long mac on the same hanger, buttoned the mac and pinned the long skirt of the gown up so that it was fully hidden.

As he now parked the car and Ginny jumped out he was confident that his secret was safe for another weekend

Part 4

Monday had again arrived after a fun filled Saturday, followed by a very confusing Sunday.
David and Ginny had spent Saturday with friends and then gone out alone to eat at David's favourite pizza parlour. They had shared two bottles of wine and then got a taxi home and made love by candle light.
It had been a wonderful ending to a wonderful day and David had slept late on Sunday morning to be at last awoken by the sound of hoovering. Ginny was giving his flat a quick spring clean and David decided to stop where he was until she had finished to avoid the inevitable remarks about 'men living alone' that Ginny always made as she tackled the flat's untidiness. She had bustled into the bedroom, kissed him affectionately and brought him a coffee.
He had lingered lazily in bed savouring it and waiting for the cleaning to finish.
Ten minutes later when all was quiet he had got up and sauntered into the lounge to find a silent and serious faced Ginny sitting in a chair and staring at the wall.
'What's the matter?' he had asked.
'What?? Oh! Nothing.' replied Ginny, turning her head away.
She had been quiet and meditative for the rest of the day and although she made an effort to appear her usual bubbly self and assured him that everything was fine David felt that something had happened in the ten minutes between the coffee and him getting up that had affected Ginny very much.
Sunday evening David had driven her to the staion to catch her train back home.
'You are coming here again to stay next weekend?' he had ventured.
'Yes of course and will phone you tomorrow.' Ginny told him. Then she had kissed and hugged him before jumping out of the car and quickly walking away.

Now as David walked towards 'charity shop heaven' he again racked his brain for an explanation of why Ginny had suddenly changed, but again could come up with no explanation.
'Maybe it's my imagination.' he assured himself as he reached the first and his favourite shop.
Forty five minutes later he was hurrying back into the office with a small bag in one hand and a sandwich in the other. Putting the bag into his desk drawer he switched on the computer and began to work, but half of his mind was on the bag's contents and he could hardly wait to finish and be able to get home to the privacy of his flat. He had decided to search for a handbag and shoes to match the electric blue gown, but had not really expected to have much success, especially with the shoes.
However he had gone into the very first shop and almost immediately spotted the most wonderful silver satin evening bag in exactly the same shade as the lace that trimmed the hem and bosom of the dress! The shoes were a different matter, even though David had small feet and could easily squeeze into a ladies size seven shoe and he had not been lucky enough to find a pair that matched either the bag or the gown.
'No worries.' he told himself. 'I will just keep on looking.'
That evening he intended to lock his door and transform himself into Francine. He felt he could hardly wait to slip into his sensuous silk underwear, apply his makeup, arrange the stylish blonde wig and again put on the lovely gown, even though he would have to do it bare footed. He longed to see how the bag matched up to the silver lace.

At last the day was at an end and he was at home. Dropping his briefcase in the hall he checked the phone for messages, then showered, ate a light meal and washed the plates and cutlery.
At last he had completed all jobs and stood bewigged and made up to perfection. He gave his reflection a final glance and smiled. His cheeks were flushed and exitement gave a sparkle to his grey eyes as he opened the wardrobe and drew out the hanger that held the old mac and beneath it the gown. His fingers trembled as they pulled off the mac and threw it aside.
He stood there staring as a cold feeling gripped his heart and made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. The hanger was empty!
The gown....his beautiful beautiful electric blue gown, his delight and his pride and joy was not there!

Part 5

David stared at the hanger in absolute horror. He grabbed up the discarded mac and shook it, turned it inside gown!
Desperately he searched the rest of the wardrobe. Had it somehow fallen from beneath the mac or had he inadvertantly placed it beneath another garment? He knew that he had not done this, but one by one he took out his clothes and pulled them from the hangers, discarding them onto a growing pile on the bedroom floor.

At last he had to face the fact that the gown had disappeared, had been taken by someone and this someone could only be Ginny.
He sat miserably on the bed and put his head in his hands as he remembered Ginny's strange silence after tidying the flat. He had absolutely no doubt that she had found the gown and taken it away in her overnight bag and he groaned as he realised that he had not only lost his beautiful gown, but probably lost his girlfriend as well.
He loved Ginny but had to admit that she could sometimes act a liitle prudishly and he could imagine her face when she discovered a ballgown in her boyfriend's wardrobe. He wondered what was in her mind. Did she think that he entertained other or at least another woman in his home? Surely she would not suspect that the gown was his! He knew Ginny very well and was certain that either conclusion would be enough for her to walk away and never come back.

After an hour's gloomy contemplation he hung everything back in the wardrobe and dialed Ginny's number. Better to know the truth and what to expect than this terrible suspense.
After only a few rings she answered.
'Hi David.'
'Hi Ginny. How are you?'
'Fine thanks. Had an easy day at work. You are phoning early tonight'
David paused and swallowed.
'Yes. I wanted to know if you tidied my wardrobe yesterday?' he mumbled.
Ginny made a little sound that could have been a laugh or an exclamation of distaste.
'You know I did.' she told him.
David took a deep breath and his grip tightened on the receiver.
'So?' he asked.
Ginny definately laughed this time.
'Stop worrying. Everything will work out fine' she assured him. 'I will still be coming over at the weekend, but please don't phone me again before then because I need to think.'
She paused and when she spoke again she sounded serious and almost agressive.
'Don't make any arrangements to go anywhere and do not book a table to eat. I don't like secrets and being kept in the dark about your life. We need to talk!' she told him.
'Yes.' David replied.'I think we do.'

That week was not good one for David. The subject of the gown and Ginny was never far from his mind no matter what he was doing and he found that he wasn't even interested in 'doing' the charity shops and did not once transfrom himself into Francine in the course of the week. Every feminine article of clothing that he had aquired now looked tawdry and uninteresting now that he had seen himself in the electric blue gown and he mourned it's disappearance almost as though he had experienced a bereavement.
The only bright spot in the situation was the fact that Ginny seemed willing to talk about it and would be coming over to his flat at the weekend. He was not sure whether he was looking forward to this and hopeful of a solution or dreading it as a terrible scene to be endured. He went over and over Sunday's events, the phone call with Ginny and her request not to phone.
He both dreaded and longed for Saturday.

David picked up Ginny on Saturday morning from the taxi rank and this time he was not late. She gave him a quick kiss and threw her luggage onto the back seat before slidiing in beside him. He studied her face but could make nothing of her expression.
Once back home they drank coffee and made desultory small talk until Ginny stood up and taking David's hand she led him into the bedroom.
David cringed inside. He had been and still was so worried about their relationship that he knew he would not be able to make love until his mind was at ease. However, Ginny did not lead him to the bed but to a comfortable chair at the side of it.
'Close your eyes.' she told him.
David did so, although he tried to peep between his lashes and saw Ginny take something dark from her overnight bag. Next moment he felt a soft cloth placed over his eyes and then tied around his head.
'What is happening?' he asked.
'Shhhhh. No talking and no moving. Be good and stay still and quiet This will not take long.' Ginny instructed.

David's ears strained to catch every tiny sound as Ginny walked away. He heard her leave the bedroom and return a few moments later. Something soft was placed on the floor by his feet and a long zip undone and them he heard hardly audible rustlings as Ginny moved about. He liked the feel of the blindfold over his face and the tightness as it pressed into the flesh of his cheeks and neck and he enjoyed the feeling of suspense and not knowing what was happening around him.
A strange exitement began to grip him.
After what seemed to David like a long time Ginny spoke close to his ear.
'I am going to tie your wrists to the chair. Do you have a problem with that?'
David gasped in surprise.
'Errr, no. Not at all' he at last managed to stutter.
Ginny lashed his wrists to the chair so that David was firmly secured and David felt real fear for a moment as he tried to move his arms and found he could not. Soon however, the fear was replaced by that growing exitement that had started when Ginny had placed the blindfold over his eyes. He longed to speak, to ask countless questions but stayed silent as he remembered Ginny's instructions.
At last she again spoke.
'Happy birthday David!' she cried and the cloth was whisked away.
David blinked and then focussed:
The room seemed full of people and he recognised a few of them as either his or Ginny's friends. Others he did not know but everyone was smiling and laughing as they stood around his chair.
'Happy Birthday!' they all shouted. Happy Birthday!'

An hour later David and Ginny stood drinking red wine in the comparitive privacy of the small hallway. David grabbed Ginny and hugged her tightly.
'Thankyou for the lovely surprise.' he told her. 'I still cannot believe that you planned all this and kept so quiet about it!'
Ginny giggled.
'I wish you could have seen your face when I took the blindfold off.' she replied.'When you saw Garry it was a picture!'
'Hardly surprising!' exclaimed David.'I had no idea that some of our friends were cross dressers and the sight of the office supervisor dressed in a blue satin maids outfit and a red wig was a bit unexpected to say the least. All those kinky leather outfits as well! I had no idea that any of our friends were so interesting'
They both burst out laughing.
'Yes...that wig!' agreed Ginny. 'However, you have to agree that some of the outfits are pretty good....Not a patch on yours though love.'

She stepped back and her eyes swept over him again, face breaking into an affectionate smile as she looked him up and down. Her hand came forward to tweak and adjust a stray lock of the blonde wig. David also looked down at himself.
He saw how the beautiful electric blue gown clung erotically to his slim figure, padded out slightly in the bust with Ginny's help to give a pleasing shape. He looked at the pretty silver handbag that dangled over his arm and flashed and glittered with every movement. Beneath the chain handle of the bag he wore shoulder length silver lame gloves. Then his eyes travelled down to where the gown's hem frothed out in swirls of silver lace. Peeping out beneath that hem were elegant high heeled shoes.
Both shoes and gloves were presents from Ginny and the sole reason why she had taken the dress away. She needed to match the items to the lace of the gown. He hugged her again.
'I love you!' he told her.
'Hold on!' Ginny laughed pulling away from him. 'I have another present for you.'
She handed him a small white envelope and he opened it and took out two small pieces of card. He stared.
'Tickets for the Skin 2 Ball! tonight' he gasped. 'We are going?'
'We are ALL going.' Ginny told him and will be setting off in ten minutes so get that lipstick freshened you slut.'
'Yes Mistress!' laughed David making mock bows and backing away as he headed for the bedroom. 'Anything you say Mistress!'
'Cheeky!' giggled Ginny.

As David freshened his makeup and popped lipstick, powder and a comb in the silver bag he thought about Ginny and how she looked in her outfit of steel boned purple satin corset, short lacy skirt and thigh high boots and wondered if his 'Yes Mistress' had really been a joke or if he had just spoken naturally and how he really felt towards her.
His stomach clenched in sudden exitement and he quickly left the bedroom as he heard their friends leaving the house and getting into cars. Ginny was waiting for him by the door and he saw they were the last to leave. As he passed her she gave him a hard swat on his silken clad bottom.
'Hurry up slut!' she hissed as he pulled shut the door and heard the latch click into place.
David beamed.
'Yes Mistress!' he whispered happily as he followed her down the path.

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