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UK Mistress Directory - Monthly Story


Part 1

It was Friday night and Simon was bored.

He had spent three days at home fighting a bad head cold but now was beginning to feel much better and so tired of sitting about doing nothing that he was even looking forward to going back to work on Monday.

Because he had been so ill he had told his friends that he would not be able to go out on their usual Saturday night jaunt and so they had bought tickets for the football match in Manchester and planned to sample the nightlife afterwards. It was too late for Simon to get a ticket and he was resigned to spending a lonely Saturday night in. Stretching his legs out he yawned and sighhhed all at the same time.

'Bugger!' he muttered and scowled.

His mobile rang and he picked it up and hit accept. The familiar voice of a workmate sounded in his ear.
'Hi Simon. It's Linda. How's your cold?'
'Hi Linda! Fine thanks and feeling much better today. How are you?'
'Doing good' she responded. 'Stella and I wondered if you were free tomorrow night?'
'Errrrr Possibly. What do you have in mind?'
Simon mentally crossed his fingers and hoped it would be something he was interested in. He was used to Linda's idea of a good night out, usually involving Country and Western music and even dancing! He did not share her enthusiasm for either.

There was a pause and he could hear giggling, a loud 'Shhhhhhhh!!' and a whispered conversation and then Linda's voice came again.
'Were you serious when you told me last week that you and your ex used to do some bedroom spanking and bondage?' she asked. 'Was it just a story or did you really enjoy it?'
Simon's mind raced! Was Linda going to suggest a threesome with her and her friend and if so who was to be the spankee and who the spanked? He tried to gather his thoughts before deciding what to say. He swallowed hard and ventured...
'Yes we used to do that and I wasn't joking. Why on earth do you ask?'
Another long pause and more giggling.
'Well Stella and I are into that sort of thing ourselves and we are going to an event at a special sort of club on Saturday night and we wondered if you would care to come? It will be great fun and we know several people there and can introduce you if you like.The thing is the car didn't pass the MOT and is having some work done on it and we really do need wheels to get to this event. If you are willing to drive we are willing to get you in the club as our guest because it is a members only club'

Simon felt lost for words. He had no idea that Linda was interested in the activities he had mentioned and had felt rather smug and daring when he had told her about his experiences with his ex partner. He now suspected that she must have been secretly amused by his boastful confidences. He thought rapidly and then made up his mind.
'Sure! Why not?' he said. 'Anything is better than sitting in on a Saturday night and if the event involves a bit of spanking and bondage I am definately up for it!'
'Great! It will cost you £25 to get in but there is a free buffet included. Just wear something black. Pick us up at my house at nine' replied Linda.and hung up amidst more 'Shhussshing' and giggling.

Simon sat back, all boredom gone as he digested the conversation. Suddenly Saturday night had changed from being something he had dreaded into an event of mystery and anticipation with a little frisson of apprehension to give it spice! He shook his head at himself and laughed.
'Too late now to have second thoughts'! he muttered. 'Saturday may turn out to be quite a night!'

Part 2

Simon stood with Linda and Stella outside the green metal nonedescript looking door as they waited for it to be opened from within.

He had picked his workmate and her friend up at nine as arranged and under their directions had driven to a small village just outside Huddersfield. As he had driven along the main road Linda had suddenly told him to turn off into a large industrial estate and to take the car around the back out of sight of the road. It was very dark when he had at last pulled up in a large parking area and turned off the car engine. There was a silence until he asked nervously:
'What now?'

'Someone will come and check us out' Linda had told him. 'Don't worry. It's fine'
He had seen lights bobbing towards them in the darkness and then three very large stern looking men had shone torches into the car windows and looked them over. Linda and Stella had opened the car doors and jumped out, then hugged each of the men in turn as greetings were exchanged. Simon had stood there feeling slightly uneasy until he was introduced. The three men nodded and smiled at him.

'It's going to be a busy night' one had told them and then guided through the pitch darkness of a starless night by the bobbing torchlight they had been led around to the back of a large building. As they approached the green metal door the guide spoke into an intercom.

'Three coming in' he had said, smiled again and then was gone.

The door creaked open and Simon saw a tall, slim and very pretty girl dressed in a beautiful blue satin maids outfit. The very short frilly dress revealed shapely legs clad in black stockings and as she stood back to let them enter the building and exchanged hellos with Linda and Stella she tossed her long auburn hair back and smiled shyly. She held the door open and then closed it after them.

Simon let his eyes linger appreciatively on the attractive maid but as she spoke he felt a shock surge through him as he realised that 'she' was in fact a he! Quickly he glanced away, his mind in turmoil.
Josh found himself in a small, dimly lit entrance hall that had a partition and counter and he watched as his workmates produced membership cards and signed themselves in.

Then it was his turn and he was facing the stunning, big, buxom blonde lady in the spectacular black and red leather corset who smiled widely at him and welcomed him to the club. She seemed to ooze confidence and dominance and Simon felt his heart do a somersault as he took in her creamy, flawless skin and red smiling lips. He was totally besotted with her air of command and with the way this lovely creature looked. Her clothes, her long silky hair and her faultless complexion had him mesmerised and he found he needed to concentrate in order to reply to her questions. With a supreme effort he dragged his eyes away from the deep cleft between her gorgeous breasts.

'Errr Yes, Sorry!' he stuttered and gave his name and address and paid his entrance money.
He was aware of Linda and Stella giggling as they waited for him but no longer cared what they thought. As he reluctantly moved forward to joinn them he was still lost in admiration of the blonde goddess and hoped he would get a chance to speak to her again at some point in the evening.

Then he was in a huge circular room and what he saw took his breath away.

Part 3

Simon stared around the huge room, not knowing where to look, his eyes taking in so much that he felt his brain was not keeping pace!

Against the left wall was a large throne like chair bathed in red light and seated on it was a tall dark lady dressed in a tight fitting latex gown who looked down indulgently at a young boy kneeling naked at her feet. Further along the wall he saw a large wooden X frame with chains attached to all four arm ends. A very pretty girl clad in only a wispy black thong was holding onto the two top chains, her feet spread out wide to touch the two bottom extremes of the X shaped kit.

She was laughingly looking back over her shoulder to exchange some words with a tall heavily built man who was swinging and trailing a long tailed flogger gently over her entire body. Simon saw that her round pert bottom was a beautiful shade of red interspersed with several evenly spaced scarlet lines. She looked however, anything but alarmed as she threw back her head and laughed at something her comapnion had said.

To his left he saw the room was filled with many types of kit, but was large enough to also accomodate a few tables and still leave a gread deal of space free to move about in.
There was a 'horse', a wonderful slave post with chains attached like the X frame, A spectacular 'altar' with electric flames undeneath and lo and behold.....A fabulous and really huge round wheel with spokes.
There was a buxom, giggling girl lashed firmly to the spokes of this contraption and Simon gasped with surprise as he saw two men begin to turn the wheel by means of releasing a lever. The girl's giggling grew louder and then as she realised that she was upside down her giggles turned to a squeal of delighted panic. She hung there, secure in the expert bindings, her brown hair falling straight down and over her face. One of the men moved forward and said something to her and she shook her head, still continuing to giggle uncontrollably.
Simon thought they all looked as though they were having great fun and nudged Linda.
'Can anyone have a go on that?' he asked. 'I would love to try.'
' Sure they can.' responded Linda. 'However, it's not as easy as it sounds. There has to be someone who knows what they are doing and can make sure that you are securely strapped to the wheel, otherwise the club will not let you use that peice of kit. Those two men know how to do this and I am pretty sure they would help you to experience what the wheel is like when they are not busy. The main rule of play is not to go and interupt people playing. They will not mind you watching so long as the stand well away, give them plenty of room and do not intrude. Now me and Stella are going to get changed so can you just hang about for ten minutes by yourself?'
'No problems. Take your time' said Simon, glad to get the chance to look around further in this new and very exiting environment. Stella blew him a kiss and the girls disappeared into a small private room.

Staring around and enjoying the many sights and wonderful costumes surrounding him he noticed a tall bearded man who seemed to be going up to everyone there and asking questions, sometimes stopping a few minutes and writing things down in a large notebook. At last the man approached him and asked him if he wished to enter the auction. Simon stared at him not knowing what to say.
'Err What auction?' he stammered.
The man smiled.
'Ah sorry. I thought you would know about the special event tonight.' he told Simon. 'We are holding an auction for slaves. Anyone can enter and the dominants can inspect you and then bid for you. The money goes to the Hospice and if you are bought you have to serve the buyer for at least one hour, then you are again free.'
Simon was curious, exited, apprehensive and intrigued all at the same time. He paused and then asked.
'Does it matter that I do not know anyone or that my experience is extremely limited?'
'Noooooo Certainly not!' the man lauhged. 'In fact some people prefer an inexperienced slave. Why dont you go for it? I am sure you will enjoy it and have lots of fun.'
Simon made his mind up.
'Yes! Ok. I am game!' he told the man.
'Thats great! Now I need some details from you.' he was told. 'Age, height, weight? Do you have any skills and what can you offer a prospective owner so that they might be tempted to bid for you? What are your preferences and your hard limits?'
Simon stared then blushed in embarassment.
'Sorry but I dont really know what you mean. What are hard limits?' he asked.
'Hard limits are things that you really really will not do.' the man explained. 'One example might be cutting or breath play, or maybe needles or permanant marks.'
Simon swallowed.
'Definately none of those things!' he exclaimed. 'Maybe I should stand down.'
''No No! Don't be concerned.' the man assured him. ' I promise that I will make sure the bidders know that you are new to this. 'You will not be made to do anything that you do not enjoy. Please trust me in this.'
Simon nodded, although he still felt nervous.
'OK. Thanks.' he responded.
The man took many personal details from him and wrote everything down in the book. He then told Simon he would come and get him when the auction began and walked away to speak to someone else. Simon felt a nudge and looked round to find Linda and Stella smiling at him.
'We saw Greg talking to you. Are you going to be in the auction.?' Stella asked him.
'Yes I am.' Simon told her.
' Wooooeeee! So are we!' exclaimed Stella. We signed up last week. It will be great fun!'

Simon digested this and felt somewhat reassured as he followed his workmates to a large refreshment area at one end of the club. On a raised floor there were confortable sofas & chairs set around tables. There was also a refreshment bar with a pretty plump lady serving coffees, biscuits and crisps. Linda had warned him that the club did not serve alchohol but that he could take his own and so Simon had brought along a bottle of wine. Linda asked the girl for three glasses which she smilingly passed over and all three sat at a table and poured themselves a drink.
Simon sat for a few minutes and then unable to contain his curiosity and what seemed like the hundreds of questions he longed to ask cleared his throat and turned to Linda.

Part 4

'Is it alright if I ask you a few things?' he began. 'All this is a bit overwhelming'
'Sure, go ahead' invited Linda.
Simon hesitated. 'Ok. How long have you been coming here? I had no idea you were into this. Do you know all these people? Oh! And what about this auction? What will I be asked to do and what will happen?'
Linda put her hand over his mouth and laughed.
'That was much more than 'a few things! give me a chance to reply to some of those questions!' she exclaimed.
Simon also laughed and felt a little of his tension melt away.
'Ooooops! Sorry.' he replied.'I promise I will not say another word until you have finished speaking.'
Linda pushed him playfully.
'There's a good lad! she giggled. 'Now to respond..Hmmm I have been in the lifestyle about four years and attending this club for about two years and I just love it. Yes, I do know a lot of people here, but of course guests visit as you have visited tonight and sometimes new members join so there are always new faces. The auction? It is a one off fun event organised to raise funds for the local Hospice.'
Her face darkened for a moment and then she continued.
'One of the staff here was diagnosed with cancer some time ago and although she is now on the way to recovery and in fact has just been given the all clear it brought home to us all the teriible issues surrounding the disease and we all want very much to help. As to what will happen in the auction and what you will have to do, I would not spoil the surprise or the anticipation for the world. Wait and see!'
Simon asked a few more questions about the auction but Linda refused to explain any further and he had to be content with waiting.

Linda and Stella began a conversation with friends on the next table and Simon got up and walked to the edge of the huge circular play area.
People were walking past and around him and he was struck by how friendly everyone seemed. He got a word of greeting and a smile from a lot of people and began to feel a little more relaxed although the adrenalin was still pumping around his body and he also felt thrilled and exited at being there.
He began to look at the various amazing costumes worn by the clubbers, including leather slave harnesses, latex rubber, corsets, lots of leather and studs, satins and silks, tutus, frilly maids costumes, cloaks and masks, etc, etc. Everywhere he looked he saw something unusual, beautiful and interesting.
He suddenly longed to be dressed in something out of the ordinary and far removed from his work or street wear. He felt the atttraction and lure of being able to fling convention aside and put on whatever appealed without inviting criticism or ridicule. He eyed a man dressed in nothing but a slave harness of chains and wished with all his heart that he could change places, especially as the man was being led around on a leash by an attractive leather clad lady.

Suddenly he was roused out of his contemplative thoughts by a loud voice calling for silence.
'Ok folks! Time for the auction. Can all slaves up for sale report here please.'
Linda and Stella jumped up, pulling Simon up with them and he followed them to where the speaker was standing outside the door to a large schoolroom. As he and his workmates went inside their names were crossed out of a list and once all were inside the door was closed.
'Ok all you sluts!' called a cheery voice. 'Gettem off and hurry up. Don't keep the auctioneer waiting or it will be twenty thousand lashes.'
Amid much laughter and catcalls everyone began to strip, some down to underpants or briefs and many to just their skins. No one turned a hair or stared, but Simon gaped and wondered what he should do. His doubts were soon put at rest by Stella digging him in the ribs.
'Hurry up!' she told him. 'If you are last you will be at the end of the queue and will have to hang around forever until the rest are sold.'
'What? Do I have to take my clothes off?' he stammered.
Linda rolled her eyes and sighed.
'Yes take them off.'
'But......Errr What? ALL of them?' Simon asked.
'Yes of course'. she responded. 'People are not going to bid unless they see what's on offer now are they? Don't worry sweetie. I doubt you will have anything different from other blokes. Now do hurry up!'
Simon gulped and began to unbutton the shirt he had so carefully ironed especially for that night.

Part 5

As Simon undresssed he was agonisingly aware that he had a semi erection due to the fact that he was surrounded by females in various states of undress. He hesitated and had terrible visions of him being ejected unceremoniously from the club in a 'never darken my door again!' sort of scenario, or even worse pointed at and ridiculed!
However in the event, his anxiety worked in his favour, for by the time he pulled off his undershorts he was so keyed up by his worry that the erection had subsided and he was as flacid as he could have desired at that particular time.

He followed Linda and Stella back out into the play area where they joined a queue of sixteen other people all up to be auctioned and all in high spirits. There was much giggling from the women and self concious grins from the men.

Two men were moving along the line and placing leather wrist cuffs on those who were not already wearing their own. When all were cuffed someone brought a very long length of lightweight chain and this was passed through the cuffs all along the line to form a coffle of chained slaves.
Simon was thrilled and could not stop looking at his cuffed hands and the chain across them. He furtively caressed it with his fingers, loving the feel of its weight and coldness on his skin and loving the fact that he was in effect joined to the slaves in front and behind him and could not get free even if he wished to. He hoped that the fetters would never come off!

He saw that men were very busy erecting a sort of platform in the centre of the circular room and that seats were being placed around it by other members of staff.
Very quickly all was finished and the man who had spoken to Simon earlier and persuaded him to join the auction stepped up onto the large square platform and clapped his hands for silence.
'Friends, Masters and Mistresses, please pay attention!' he cried. 'Tonight we are holding the biggest and best slave auction in history. Here you will see only the very finest slaves for sale.......all sluts and ready to serve you!'

Catcalls, laughter and groans from both audience and slaves.
'Let the first slave be brought forward for inspection!' cried the auctioneer and the first in the queue, a very pretty and very plump lady lifted up her hands so that the chain could be slid out of her cuffs and once free she was pushed onto the platform. The auctioneer placed her in the middle and read from his notebook.
'Here we have slave 1. Her name is teresa and she is forty something years old. She has all her teeth' (here teresa bared her white, even teeth and then grinned widely at the audience) 'and is relatively fit and well. She can do foot and shoulder massage, sing a little, knows how to serve food and drink nicely and is very obedient, but confesses that she can be a bit of a brat sometimes. She loves canes, whips and ropework and being in any sort of tight bondage. She also loves electrical play but is up for most types of activity. She has a high pain threshold and marks are not a problem. Her hard limits are blood, neddles, watersports, unprotected oral sex and all penetrational sex. Now then! What am I bid for this highly desirable beast?'
'Five pounds!' shouted a tall thin man from the back of the crowd of watchers.
'Five pounds I am bid!' cried the auctioneer. 'But she is worth much more. Come now ladies and gentlemen. Do I hear ten?'
'I will bid ten!' called a rubber clad lady at the front.

The bidding continued for a short while and teresa was at last sold for twenty one pounds to another man who had entered the bidding at the very last minute.
She smilingly jumped down from the platform, her cuffs were removed by a member of staff and her purchaser immediately placed his own cuffs on her wrists and led her away from the crowd.

Meanwhile the next slave had been unchained and was now on the platform. This time it was a good looking young man with shoulder length blonde hair and a confident air. He stood silently with downcast eyes, then as the auctioneer began reading from the notes he walked forward and gracefully knelt at the front of the platform, back ramrod straight and head level. Shaking his long hair out of his eyes, he drew himself up to beautifully exhibit his slim waist and lean torso.
The audience looked at him with great interest and one lady waved enthusiastically over the heads of the others.
'I bid five pounds and I'l take him as he is......unwrapped!' she shouted.
'Oi! Hang on a minute!' cried the auctioneer. 'I've not started yet!'
'Well get on with it then!' responded the lady and turned laughingly towards the people behind and around her. 'Anyway, I have decided I want him no matter what the cost so you might as well not bid.' she warned them.
'I will give you a tenner for him!' shouted another lady, sticking her tongue out at her rival.
The auctioned slave glanced up from under long silky lashes, assessing both bidders in a quick glance that neither offended or challenged. One furtive look and then his eyes resumed that downward gaze.

'You...boy. Are you Gorean?' asked a man at the front and everyone looked from bidder to goods for sale with curiosity because both the men were strangers........guests brought by different members of the club. .
'Yes Master.' the boy responded.
'How long for?'
'Six years Master and well trained to serve the Free of both sexes.'
The man smiled.
'I bid ten pounds.'
'Fifteen!' shouted the woman who had been the first to offer for the boy.
The bidding went on for a few more minutes, the man finally 'buying' the slave for thirty five pounds and the first female bidder sighing regretfully as she shook her head at the auctioneer.
'Too high for me.' she admitted.

Everyone was surprised and delighted that the boy had raised such a large sum for the Hospice and there was a spontaneous burst of applause when he jumped down from the platform and was claimed by the winner.
He was curtly commanded to assume 'leasha', a red leather collar was fastened around his throat and he was led away on hands and knees to where some chairs were set by the far wall, where he proceeded to fetch and then beautifully serve his temporary owner with coffee before again being ordered to hands and knees to act as a table for the cup and saucer. Throughout the whole scene his expression remained smiling and assured and his every motion was performed with a studied elegance and grace that was supremely satisfying and pleasant to watch.

The auction progressed for about half an hour, some slaves fetching good prices and some going for a few pounds. Stella and Linda were sold as a pair at their own request and were taken away by two ladies carrying silver collared riding crops and who already each had a slave of their own in tow.
At last it was Simon's turn and he felt his stomach contract with nerves as he was released from the chain and pushed up onto the platform. Suddenly he was the focuss of attention and being stared at by dozens of eyes and he flushed and glanced around uneasily. The auctioneer smiled at him reassuringly and pushed him forward.
'Here we have slave 11, a relative newbie who does not even know what his hard limits are yet!' called the auctioneer. 'Who wants to have the pleasure of introducing this slave to the delights of submission? Do I hear five pounds?'

A silence followed this question. No one seemed inclined to make a bid and Simon was beginning to wish the floor would open and swallow him up when a pleasing husky voice came from the back of the crowd.
'Yes! I will bid five pounds for him.'

Part 6

Simon looked in the direction of the voice and his heart somersaulted when he saw it was the beautiful blonde lady who had so impressed him earlier. He stared and stared, hardly able to believe his luck. From mortification at being unwanted he now felt desperately anxious that someone else would make a higher bid and the beautiful Mistress would not win him!

With a concious effort he drooped his shoulders and scowled, not wishing to look worth anyones' cash, but seeing this the auctioneer came up behind him and delivered a smart tap on his buttocks with the thin whippy cane he carried. Simon yelped in surprise and pain and quickly straightened up.

The spectators laughed and again he felt mortified, but seeing the good natured expressions he realised that they were not mocking him and seeing the funny side of the incident he smiled widely, squared his shoulders and pulled in his tummy...almost strutting to the front of the platform where he was greeted with claps and cheers.
'That's much better!' cried the auctioneer.'Now then Ladies and Gents. You see this desirable commodity. Are there no more bids? Do I hear ten pounds?'
'Seven!' cried another woman and Simon again felt apprehensive. He looked at the blonde Mistress pleadingly, almost willing her to rebid. She hesitated and then...
'Go on then. Ten pounds.' she told the auctioneer.
The other bidder shook her head. 'I am hard up tonight and cannot bid more.' she said regretfully.
' Well then if there are no more bids?' said the auctioneer, then paused as he looked around the room. 'Sold to Mistress Layla'
Simon beamed!

Mistress Layla (and Simon thought it a fitting name for the stunningly exotic woman who was now walking forward to claim him) paid his price and then came to where he stood waiting by the side of the platform and snapped a choke chain around his neck.
'Come with me.' she ordered and led him to where three other ladies were seated around a table.
'Aha! You won him then?' one of them laughed.
'Yes and at a reasonable price.' Mistress Layla replied.
All the women eyed Simon while he stood there feeling a little nervous and yet supremely ecstatic to be owned by Mistress, even if only for an hour.
'He seems happy enough at any rate,' remarked a slim brunette and Simon realised to his horrified embarassment that the dreaded erection was again in evidence. He unconciously covered himself with his hands but this made the dark lady laugh even more.
'Come here.' she instructed and Simon, after one agonised glance at his Mistress and not knowing if he was doing right or wrong walked forward to where she sat. She gently removed his hands and put them behind his back.
'No need to be shy.' she told him with a warm smile.' Relax and have fun'

Mistress Layla also smiled.
'Do you think you can massage feet?' she asked Simon.
He hesitated.
'Yes I think so.' he responded after a short pause. 'I used to massage my partner's feet a lot and she always enjoyed it.'
'Exellent!' exclaimed Mistress.'You may massage mine to begin with and then maybe these other ladies may wish you to do the same.'
Mistress Layla seated herself and a little self conciously Simon knelt at her feet, then removed her black patent steel heeled shoes and laid them reverently to one side. Taking one foot he placed it gently upon his chest and then began to knead and massage the sides, bridge and toes. Mistress sighed with pleasure and relaxed back into her chair as she continued to chat with her friends.
Simon soon began to relax as well and to thoroughly enjoy the feel of her warm foot beneath his fingers and the look of contentment on her face as she occasionally glanced down at him.
As he moved from one foot to the other he thought he could well understand the feeling of fulfillment experienced by some when serving and being useful to a strong superior woman and he wanted the massage to continue forever.

All too soon though, Mistress Laya withdrew her foot and told him to attend to the feet of the lady next to her.
'You did well!' she smiled and Simon felt a deep satisfaction as he shuffled rather ungracefully on his knees to his next task.
When all the Ladies had been attended to, Mistress Layla called him back to her feet and leaning forward she took his face in one hand and lifted his chin.
'The hour is up and I have to say that I have been very pleased with you.' she told him. 'I think you will make a good servant to some fortunate lady.'
Simon stared up at her pleadingly.
'Could that lady be you Mistress?' he asked.
She smiled kindly at him.
'No, I am sorry but it cannot.' she told him decisively. 'I already have a slave and am not seeking another, but don't be discouraged. You are very new and these things take time. Some have been searching for a Mistress for years and have never given up.'
She looked around her friends.
'Do any of you wish to take on this boy?'
The ladies shook their heads and Simon tried hard not to show his disappointment.

Mistress slipped his choke chain off and told him he was now released and he sadly made his way back to the room where everyone had stripped so as to be ready to be auctioned. It was empty and he began to pick up his shirt.
Suddenly a figure appeared in the doorway and seeing him there, came forward and smiled. Simon saw that it was the handsome blonde Gorean boy who had fetched such a high price. He decided this was the last person he wanted to have a conversation with right then. He felt inadequate enough as it was!
However the boy walked up to him and began to speak.
'Hi there. I am Jamie.' he said, holding out his hand.
Simon took it and gave his name. He studied the boy's face more closely and in a few seconds began to notice things that had not been visible during the auction. Under well shaped brows the boy's eyes were dark and his lashes black and yet his hair looked to be naturally ash blonde. Suddely he realised he was staring and blushed.
'Sorry!' he stuttered. 'I was just thinking how lucky you are to have that unusual colouring.'
Jamie laughed.
'Noooo. I cheat!' he cried. 'My hair is naturally mousy and so are my brows and lashes. The hair is lightened and the lashes and brows are dyed....AND I pluck my brows!'
He stepped closer to Simon and batted his lashes with mock modesty. Simon laughed, feeling suddenly at ease with this boy.
'Well it looks amazing and good for you!' he said. 'Have you come to get dressed again and did you enjoy being sub to that man?'
Jamie nodded and then shook his head, still smiling.
'No I am not getting dressed and yes I did enjoy being that man's slave' he replied. ' However, Master has been kind enough to find me pleasing and has said he will retain me for the rest of the night, so I am still his slave until he dismisses me'
He saw the expression of Simon's face and laughed again.
'Don't try to work it out and don't worry about it.' he told Simon. 'I am bisexual and I enjoy having either a Master or a Mistress equally. For me it is not about which sex but about who I perceive as the most dominant. The man who bought me is like me.....a Gorean and things are working well between us. He 'knows his stuff!' I am very happy to continue to serve him and in fact have been sent from him to you with a message.'
Simon stared even more.
'Oh? What kind of a message?' he asked.
'Master says he desires your presence.' responded Jamie.

Jamie was non plussed but could not help being a little intrigued as well. He hesitated, not at all sure how to respond, but seeing his indecision, Jamie gently took the shirt out of Simon's hand and laid it back over the chair.
'You don't need that.' he told Simon.
Feeling he was dreaming, Simon followed Jamie back onto the play area and over to where the tall man sat alone at a small table. Jamie stopped short of the table and gracefully sinking to the floor he covered the remaining distance on hands and knees, stopping when he reached the man's feet.
'Here is the boy Master.' he said.
For long long seconds Simon and the man looked at each other.
As Simon's hazel eyes stared deep into the man's black ones he felt a strange thing happening to him. It began with a feeling of exitement that tingled through his body and out through his fingertips like small electric shocks. His stomach began to churn in a fluttery sort of way and then it seemed to melt into warm liquid and a strange and totally wonderful sensation of longing mixed with awe and admiration filled him.
Suddenly he felt confused and a shyness that he had not known since childhood made him drop his gaze and almost wriggle with embarassment, but strangely enough he realised that the feeling was not unpleasant.

'You may kneel' the man said quietly and to Simon it seemed like the obvious and most natural thing to do as ordered. As he knelt down he glanced at Jamie from under his lashes and saw a beautiful, warm smile of recognition, understanding, absolute acceptance and welcome on his face.
In a flash of joyful insight Simon knew that not only had he learnt a truth about himself that night, but also found a Master and a brother slave who would help and guide him in his continuing journey of self discovery.


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