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Against his will - by Mistress Chaos

As he gets out of his car holding the small slip of white paper he feels the first tiny prickle of apprehension and wonders if it had been wise to request this unusual scenario from a woman he has never met before and knows nothing about.

Standing alone in the quiet road he remembers how asking to be taken and held captive against his will had seemed a good idea at the time. He now doubted whether this was realistically achievable, especially as Mistress was not a big woman and (in his opinion) probably incapable of making him do anything he did not wish to.

His mind races. What will this woman be like? Will she give him the fear and pain he craves? Will she take full control? Will she be safe!

It is not easy to find her house, but at last he stands at the door and taps softly. It is opened at once by Mistress and his eyes widen in surprise. She is dressed as if to go out in a stunning full length mink coat, the collar turned up so that her beautifully made up face is framed against the dark fur. Below the hem he glimpses the toes of gleaming black leather boots, the steel stiletto heels catching the low light in the tiny hall.

Swallowing, he stutters the arranged line.

'Err Hello. It seems I have been directed to the wrong house because you are not the person I am seeking. I am looking for an address and a Mr Smith. Could you help?'

Mistress takes the piece of paper from his hand. She glances at it briefly, smiles and steps back.
'You have only just caught me. I was just about to leave.'she responds.'I know where this address is and yes it is very similar to my own. I am afraid you are quite some distance away. Come inside and I will write down directions.'

He steps inside the hallway and then follows her into a large room Quickly he glances round, taking in the antique ebonised furniture, the Victorian throws, the floor to ceiling crimson velvet curtains and the crimson Indian carpet. Somewhere in the room incense is burning and the air is redolent with the sweet exotic fumes.

'Sit down for a few minutes while I find pen and paper.'she tells him pointing to a crimson velvet couch.
As he sits, Mistress crosses to an oak chest behind him and he hears her opening the lid. He is aware of her heady perfume mingling with the scent of the incense and relaxes slightly.

Suddenly and without warning his hair is roughly grasped and a small strong hand drags his head back. Something big, hard and icy cold is placed against his jugular and he realises in horror that it is the blade of a huge knife! Mistress's voice hisses close against his ear.
'I advise you not to move or cry out.'

For long seconds he remains perfectly still, trying to take in and come to terms with this new and unexpected twist.

'What do you want?'he gasps, desperately hanging onto the scene.'I have no money with me.'

Mistress laughs softly. 'I hope for your sake that is not true.'she tells him.'However, YOUR money is not the prime motive for what I am doing.. You have an enemy who has paid me to teach you a harsh lesson and anything of value that you have will be just a bonus for me.'

'But..But...'he stutters. He feels the sharpness of the knife edge against his throat and the slight increase of pressure and sweat breaks out all over his body.

'Put your hands behind your back.'snarls Mistress and he quickly obeys. The knife lowers as she takes a pair of heavy iron cuffs from a low table and he wonders if he can now move safely. All thoughts of liberty are soon dashed at the sound of Mistresses voice.

'Do not even think about trying to escape.'she hisses.'The blade is here by my hand and can be back against your throat within seconds. Stay silent and still and you will not be hurt.'

He feels the cuffs snap shut as her low laugh chills his blood.

'You will not be hurt.................yet! 'she whispers.

Mistress grips the iron cuffs from behind and forces him upright. He gasps as the hard metal digs into the bones of his wrists, the pain forcing him into a full realisation of the situation. He is fettered, alone in a strange house with someone who he knows very little about and he has told no one about this appointment and where he is heading.

He feels a thrill of genuine unease mixing with the more enjoyable thrill of agreed and planned submission and again wonders what he has let himself in for, but comforts himself with the knowledge that if the worst comes to the worst he can always shout for help.

This reassuring thought disappears as his nostrils are roughly pinched between Mistress's fingers and a rubber gag is forced into his open lips, then inflated to fill his mouth with the taste of latex. He almost gags with the shock of it, but manages to recover enough to concentrate on breathing deeply and calmly through his nose.

Again the glittering knife is picked up and again it lifts towards his throat. He flinches as he feels its coldness against his quivering skin, but then a muffled scream tries to force itself through the gag as the blade slips inside his sweat shirt and then rips upwards, the thin fabric parting easily as Mistress cuts it from his flinching body in several quick strokes. The rest of his clothing is cut off in the same brutal, uncompromising manner, his body being pulled almost off balance as the slashed items are roughly dragged away until at last he stands naked and trembling with the shock of the unexpected assault.

Mistress surveys his face for a few moments then places a leather and steel choke collar around his throat, pulling the choke chain until it fits snug and tight, then attaching a short leather leash to the collar's front ring. Leading him behind her she drags him through into another room and opens a door at one end.

Before him he sees a flight of steep stone steps, each one faintly illuminated by a flickering red light leading down into what seems at first utter darkness. The heavy, fragrance of incense hangs in the air as he is tersely ordered down the steps by Mistress. At the bottom he blinks as his eyes desperately try to adjust to the low light and he gazes round a large underground chamber hung in black and crimson draperies which seem to undulate in the guttering light of many candles. His anxious gaze takes in the ornate lanterns and iron sconces, their fantastic swathes of accumulated red and white wax hanging almost to the ground and in an alcove he sees a large cage with a heavy padlock.

Every wall and every beam is covered with instruments of torture and steel studded chastity and slave harnesses. He gulps as his gaze alights on butt pugs and strap on devices of all colours, shapes and sizes, the largest bringing a twinge of fear so that he hastily averts his eyes.

Mistress gives the choke chain a sharp tug, tightening it painfully so that all his attention is immediately focussed on her face.

Smiling, she shrugs off the luxurious fur and carelessy tosses it to the ground. He swallows as his eyes flick over the black leather corset,it's rows of steel studs gleaming in the low light. Above the tops of herlong boots the sheen of lace topped silk stockings and wide metal topped suspenders against the white of creamy flesh draws his gaze like a magnet before his attention is again diverted to her face but another vicious tug on the choke chaine collar. She steps forward to where several whips are hanging looped over a beam and selects a beautifully made three foot singletail, running it through her hands caressingly before again approaching him.

'Get on your knees!'she orders and he clumsily does so, the iron cuffs again digging into him as he concentrates on keeping his balance.

Mistress walks around him, the butt end of the whip tapping him sharply as she sarcastically comments on his posture, only ceasing the blows when he is presenting to her total satisfaction.
'Lacks training!'she snarls. 'Needs discipline!'

The whip comes suddenly to life as she begins to flick it over his body with only the very end of the cracker making contact sharply and painfully with his skin. It feels like myriads of bee stings and he twists this way and that as the whip travels over every part of his naked body, leaving tiny red marks that look like dozens of pin pricks.

Mistress pauses and stares at him. Again the butt end of the whip digs painfully into his belly.

'Posture, you miserable looking object! 'she shouts. 'Get that gut in!'

The whip is brought into play again, but this time it is the knotted part that is flicked savagely over his shoulders and buttocks as he desperately concentrates on pulling in his belly, straightening his shoulders and striving to present to her satisfaction in the hope that the punishment will stop.

At last and just as he is wondering how much longer he is to endure the lashing Mistress throws the whip down and steps back. She again grasps his leash and dragging him to the far end of the room, she throws open the cage door and orders him inside. The cage door is then closed and the padlock attached. Mistress dangles the key before his face and then smiles as she slides it into the cleavage of her leather corset.

In silence, Mistress walks to a large hanging black iron lantern and extinguishes the candle within, then carefully and methodically she does the same to every other lantern and sconce in the chamber.
At last the only gleam of light comes from a small lantern hanging directly over the cage and as she takes it down from it's hook on the beam, he sees her beautiful face caught and held for an instant in the flicker of the small candle behind the glass. She turns away still holding the lantern and the sight is lost as she walks slowly to the steps.

He hears the click of her steel heels and the feeble light grows ever dimmer as she ascends, the door opens above, there is a moment's pause and then it slams shut and he is left in darkness so complete that it seems to crush him under it's appalling weight.

Alone in absolute darkness he tries to regulate his breathing and stay calm.

'Steady now! Only a game.' he assures himself in a whisper, his own voice sounding loud in the silence of the empty chamber.

He twists his head around within the close, small confines of the cage and searches for a speck of light somewhere in the blanket of darkness that presses in on him from all sides. Far to his right he imagines there is something...not a light but a lighter shade of blackness and he concentrates on it.

After what seems like many minutes his eyes begin to adjust and he realises that there may be two tiny areas where the daylight enters, but as both are covered by the thick black fabric that swathes some of the cellar walls they appear as tiny grey black oblongs that do nothing to illuminate the space around them. He tries to see the bars of his cage or some object within the space beyond them but can make nothing out.

The silence is total. He can hear his own breathing and is vaguely aware of a low whooshing sound which he cannot place. Eagerly he fixes on this, but realises that it is the sound of his heart pumping blood around his body and is within his ears and not from any external source.

The minutes pass and because he is unable to move freely he begins to feel cold.

With a sudden shock of sound he hears the chamber door being flung open and then the ring of Mistress's heels as she descends the steps, the light from the tiny lantern making splashes of moving light on the wall as it swings in her hand.

As she walks towards his prison dangling the lantern at her side the eddying light makes patterns on the black lace tops of her stockings and the smooth white expanse of flesh above so that his half blinded eyes fix on that point and he feels a small surge of desire.

This is almost quelled as Mistress lifts the lantern above the cage and eyes his half erection with a cool, contemptuous smile. Taking a long crook handled cane from the wall she inserts it between the bars and prods his genitals hard.

'You slut!' she whispers.

Mistress bends over the cage and lowers the lantern so that the light falls upon her half exposed breasts, full and slightly tanned, the deep shadow between them accentuated by the glow from the flickering candle. They press down against the cage top and he thinks he can almost feel the heat from her body. Her musky exotic perfume envelopes him and his head instinctively moves upwards towards the half exposed nipples that are forced up above the cruelly tight leather corset. Mistress's smile widens.

'You may kiss and touch if you wish.' she purrs.

For one second he automatically tries to raise his hands before remembering that they are manacled behind him. In frustration he twists them within the heavy fetters, his futile attemps only serving to bruise his wrists still further. He strains upward and raises his face, his lips and tongue behind the latex gag trying to force themselves against that warm, perfumed flesh, but the only contact he can make is to press one cheek against the cold bars. Beyond them and tantalisingly but only marginally within reach he can feel the hot, live brush of her skin.
Mistress throws her head back and laughs.

'What is the matter?' she mocks. 'Don't you think Mistress is pretty? Don't you want to touch her?'

Placing the lantern on the top of the cage she takes up a pair of black leather cuffs, then a vicious looking red schooling whip which she bends double before releasing it. He cringes a little as he hears it's high pitched whooosh as it springs back.

Turning back to him she turns the retrieved key in the padlock and the cage door swings open.

'Out!' she commands and he painfully emerges from his cramped position. Mistress removes his gag and casts it aside.

The red schooling whip is roughly thrust between his teeth, then Mistress stoops and quickly unlocks his manacles, at the same time buckling on the leather cuffs. His arms are pulled to the front and the cuffs are then padlocked together.

Following the direction of Mistress's pointing finger he crawls on hands and knees to a spot in the centre of the chamber.

'Stand!' Mistress barks and as he does so, his cuffed hands are raised above his head and clipped onto a heavy chain which is looped through a strong steel ring screwed into the beams and the whip is taken from him. It is all done in a few seconds before he has time to gather his wits.

Relieved to be again standing he attemps a tentative remark.

'Please do not forget I need to be away at 8pm to attend a meeting.' he tells her.

Mistress stares at him for long moments then pushes her face close to his so that he can again feel the heat of her body.

'Who do you think I am? ' she asks.

He looks at her none plussed and at a loss.

'You are Lady Magenta who I contacted yesterday via your new and exellent website.' he responds with an uncertain smile.
She laughs.

'There is no such person as Lady Magenta and the site was removed as soon as I you had booked me' she tells him. ' This whole scene was set up by a business rival of yours who has paid me well to put you out of circulation tonight until a certain deal is concluded at this meeting you are so eager to attend. I need hardly tell you that you will NOT be attending. Apart from that, you were pointed out to me several days ago and I decided I wished to make use of you for my own entertainment also. This means that you will be kept here overnight at the very least and may or may not be released tomorrow depending on how well you please me '
She grins at the dawning look of fear and surprise on his face.

'It is not often I get to mix business with pleasure.' she adds.

Mistress relights several of the lanterns, clicks a switch and the sensual sound of chanting monks begins to softly echo around the room. She walks over to the array of floggers, whips and canes arrayed on the nearest wall.

'Time moves on. Let us begin!' she purrs and his eyes momentarily close as a heady mixture of apprehension and pure delight surge through him.



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