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UK Mistress Directory - Monthly Story


Part 1

Chris woke up that morning with a feeling of anticipation and he had no idea why.
He lay savouring the luxury of having an extra ten minutes in bed due to a cancelled appointment and tried to find a reason for this unexpected but pleasant feeling. He went over the day's appointments and tasks at his place of work in a large estate agents and could see only repetition and duty. Nothing remotely exiting so why this enjoyable thrill of expectation?
He sighed as he gave up and rolled out of bed.

After showering, shaving and dressing he decided he had time to check his e mails before leaving for the office and switched on the computer. He had only two new ones. The first was from a friend using an internet cafe in Turkey and he scanned the short message and then looked at the second email entitled 'Re Enquiry'.

'Hi Chris.
I have absolutely no problems with any of the activities that you mention and look forward to hearing from you when you have a date and time in mind.'

Immediately he was wide awake and re reading the one line over and over.
He had approached Mistress of Tears via her website the day before and had not expected a response so quickly. The reply seemed short and terse to him. He felt unsure as to how to react, but a few moments of reflection made him realise that she must receive many such requests in one day and could not reply at length to them all.
He glanced at his watch. Yes! He had time to call and maybe make a booking. He logged onto the site to check the number, picked up the phone, took a deep breath and dialled.
Five minutes later he was in the car and on his way to work. The booking was made and the very next day he would be meeting Mistress of Tears!

Chris knocked at the white door of the cottage and waited. Through the glass pane he saw a shape appear and then Mistress opened the door and told him to enter.
'Hang your jacket in the hall and be quick.' she instructed as she walked away.
Chris hung the jacket and followed Mistress into a room furnished in mid Victorian style and filled with the heavy scent of cedarwood incense. Mistress stood waiting, a thin whippy schooling whip in her right hand and Chris flinched a little as he heard the high 'whoosh' it made as she bent it double and then released it.
'Mistress stared at him for what seemed like long moments then a single word broke the silence.
Chris hurried to do as ordered and was the told to place his clothes on a nearby chair. As he undressed he furtively glanced at Mistress several times and wondered if he should tell her how much he loved what she was wearing and how her cool air of command exited him, but looking down at his half erection he ruefully decided that his state of mind was self evident and remained silent.
'Get over here and on your hands and knees!' instructed Mistress. 'Let me see what you look like.'
Chris quickly got down and watched the steel heels of Mistress's boots as she walked around him. He jumped in shock as the cracker of the schoooling whip flicked his belly like a bee sting.
'Belly in!' snapped Mistress. 'Do you think I wish to see your gut hanging down like that?'
'No Mistress!' said Chris quickly, pulling in his stomach and wishing he had kept up his visits to the gym.

Mistress continued to walk around him, her cool voice instructing him to present better and her whip painfully flicking various unnaceptable parts of his body psture as she did so.
'Spread the knees!' Mistress growled. 'Lower your shoulders and get your backside in the air!'
Encouraged by the stinging whip, Chris did his utmost to meet Mistress's idea of what was acceptable and as her foot nudged his knees painfully he quickly widened them.
Relaxing his arms he lowered his shoulders so that his cheek was resting on the carpet. As Mistress stood behind him he could feel the cool air currents on his bottom and was uncomfortably aware that his testicals were fully exposed and hanging within very easy reach of that vicious whip.
'Hmmmm.' said Mistress, the cracker teasing and tapping that sensitive area as Chris cringed and hoped it would pass the inspection without what would have been very painful punishment. He breathed a long sigh of relief when Mistrees at last spoke.
'Adequate but not good!' she snapped, lowering herslf onto a couch. 'Now get yourself over to me and kneel.'
Taking his hands one at a time she fastened leather cuffs onto his wrists and then telling him to lean forward and lower his head she buckled a heavy leather collar with a choke chain around his neck.
As Mistress did this, she set out the rules he would have to follow while with her. One of these was to ask permission if he needed to speak.
'If you speak without permission you will be punished.' Mistress told him.
Chris knew he was a bit of a chatterbox and wondered how long it would be before he unthinkingly broke the rule!
Mistress stood up and clipped a thick leather leash onto the collar, then pulled the choke chain until it was snug and tight around Chris's throat.
'Come!' she ordered and led him out of the room and to a door. As she opened it Chris saw a flight of dimly lit stone steps leading down into blackness........

Part 2

Mistress led Chris down the steps slowly and by the time they reached the bottom he has realised that she was not taking him into total darkness. On every lower step was a red lantern in which a small candle flickered so that he could see enough to negotiate the steep descent and when he reached the bottom Mistress pulled him forward onto a large mat.
'Raise your arms.' she ordered and as he did so she attached the D rings on his cuffs to heavy chains that were screwed into the beams. She unclipped the lead and stood back to silently look at him.

Chris swiftly glanced around the dimly lit chamber and tried to take everything in. Everwhere he saw the faint illumination of ancient candlelit lanterns that were suspended from beams swathed in crimson and black drapery. White cobwebs floated in the warm moving air of the dungeon and clung to heavy hanging chains and eyeless masks in metalic silver or red stared at him as his gaze explored the dim room. The heavy scent of cedarwood rose up from an incense stick in sluggish swirls of perfumed smoke.
For several moments Mistress eyed him and then with a dismissive gesture she walked over to where a long row of implements lined the wall. Chris could see several different types of flogger from a tiny vicious looking rubber one to a heavy purple suede with tails almost a yard long. There were canes of every type, leather and wooden taws, crops, whips and quite a few things he had never seen before.
Chris swallowed as he saw Mistress run her hands caressingly over the display, seemingly undecided which to use.

His fascinated eyes were drawn again and again to the heavy canes and he found he was holding his breath every time Mistress's hand hovered over one of them. He was not sure if he wanted her to choose one or move on.
His indecision was ended as Mistress's hand closed over a very thin crook handled one and took it down from it's hook. Turning again to Chris she leaned forward so that her red lips were brushing his ear.
'Let me get the level of this slut.' she purred.
Her pointed tongue flicked out to lightly caress his cheek and as she stepped back and to the side of him Chris felt the air momentarily cold on the tiny wet spot on his face where she had licked him.
'Mmmmm. The boy tastes of salt' Mistress whispered with a low throaty laugh.
Mistress flexed the thin cane and then let it spring back so that it made a low whooshing sound.
'You will count each stroke and thank me.' she told Chris. 'Get it wrong and we begin again.'
'Um er Yes Mistress.' replied Chris half closing his eyes and tensing slightly as he waited for the cane to rise and then inevitably fall.

Part 3

In what seemed like an age but in reality must only have been seconds Mistress brought the cane down in a sharp tap. Chris relaxed in surprise. He had been expecting a savage and very painful stroke. Mistress leaned forward to look into his face.
'Did that hurt?' she asked.
'Um a little Mistress.' Chris replied trying not to look smug.
'That's good.' Mistress said and then raised the cane once more. Chris let out a yelp of anguish as she delivered a much harder stroke and wriggled as he tried to ease the pain. Mistress grinned.
'Are we getting there?' purred Mistress into his ear.
This time Chris's response was much faster and much more urgent.
'Yes Mistress!' he exclaimed.
'Exellent!' Mistress laughed. 'We aim to please. If I find it necessary to administer correction during the session this is the level I shall use for each stroke. If you repeat an offence it will be harder. Understand?'
'Yes Mistress!'
Chris now felt much more eager to please Mistress than he had thought possible. Anything to avoid multiple strokes of that vicious, springy cane. He felt his body begin to pump adrenylin through his body in a tingling surge.

Mistress hung the cane back on the wall and walked back to him.
'We are going to do something very old fashioned but very effective.' she told Chris.
Picking up a little bag, she delved inside and brought out a shocking pink plastic clothes peg, which she proceeded to attach to Chris's scrotum.
'You need to tell me if any of these hurt once they are on.' she ordered Chris as she attached the pink pegs along the length of his penis and then underneath around the first peg.
'Ooooo! Pretty!' Mistress cooed stepping back and surveying her work. 'You look like a very colourful hedgehog! Do any of them nip?'
'No Mistress.' replied Chris, then he let out a gasp of pain as she flicked one of the pegs with a finger. 'Ow!' That did!'
Laughing, Mistress undid one of Chris's cuffs then immediately clipped it next to his other so that both hands were attached to the same rings in the beam.
'I am feeling very sadistic this morning. Are you up for a little extreme play that does not mark?' she asked him.
'Oh yes Mistress.' Chris responded, feeling his semi erection burgeon slightly so that the pegs nipped and he winced.

Mistress pushed a soft rubber bit gag into his mouth and buckled it tightly, then she pulled a heavy padded leather hood over his head and laced it up. Chris immediately realised that most sounds were now inaudible to him and he could not hear or see Mistress's movements. He felt slight panicky in the tight confines of the hood and when he also realised that it had no eye or mouth holes....only two small holes under the nose so that he could breathe.
Close to the padded area where one ear was he heard Mistress's voice asking him if he was alright and taking as deep a breath as was possible through the nose holes of the hood he nodded.
'Yeth Mithress. I think tho.' he grunted through the rubber bit.
'Do not worry. You will have an opportunity to ask to stop the play.' Mistress told him.'Try to relax, but not too much! A little fear is good.'
Mistress put an object into Chris's hand and told him.
'This is a bell. Let me hear you ring it.'
Chris did so, finding that just a small movement of his fingers was enough to produce a high clear tinkle.
'If you find yourself in real difficulty and wish to stop you will ring that bell.' Mistress told him. 'Now put your elbows together'.

Chris obeyed and then a short silence followed in which he strained his ears trying to hear what Mistress was doing but without success.
Then he felt her hand on his back and something soft and warm was being pulled around him. He realised he was being wrapped in clingfilm, but was unprepared for the extent of coverage and the thickness of the layers that were being slowly built up around his body.
Tighter and tighter the wrap became and Chris began to feel hot as Mistress covered him from his ankles to his head. He found that when he tried to speak all that he could produce was a low grunt and he could no longer move his arms, but could still wriggle his fingers easily.
Then he felt the clingfilm being wrapped around his head and lifted arms so that he was enclosed completely from head to foot in a soft tight cocoon with only the open airway space between his arms and head in which to breathe. He inhaled deeply and was relieved to find that there was a plentiful air supply available.
Suddenly something much thinner and harder was slipped around him and pulled tight around his chest. As Mistress continued to tightly bind his body, working her way from chest to ankles, he realised he was being subjected to a full rope body and leg tie over the clingfilm.

He was now beginning to feel like some poor fly who had blundered into a spider's web and after being enclosed in silk was being trussed up and taken to the spider's lair to be sucked dry. The clothespegs were now hard and flattened against his body and if he tried to wriggle they nipped painfully, so he stayed as still as he could. He heard Mistress's voice close th his ear.
'Lift up your right foot a little.' she ordered.
Chris did as instructed, although he could only raise the foot a couple of inches. He felt something soft being forced under his foot and then pulled up over his ankle.
'Now lift the other foot.' Mistress told him and as he did so she again pushed something beneath.
Then Chris gasped as he felt a thick bag of heavy material of some sort being pulled up over his entire body until it enclosed all exept the head. This was then zipped up, then thick straps were being put around the bag and his tight wrapping and pulled very tight so that he could not even wriggle.
He could not hear or see anything and was beginning to sway as his disorientated mind had trouble maintaining his balance. He began to see pretty red lights that flashed in patterns before his tightly closed eyes beneath the padded hood, but he knew they were coming from inside his head and not from any object around him. He concentrated on breathing slowly and calmly within the hood's confines, knowing that if he panicked he might have difficulty in filling his lungs. He did not want to have to ring the bell!

Another silence in which Chris fearfully awaited Mistress's next move......

Part 4

As he waited, Chris began to feel very strange.
He was hot inside all the layers that covered him, but he was also getting a little short of breath. Every lungfull began to seem an effort, a faint singing began to invade his ears and his fingers closed tighter around the bell's handle. He knew he needed to ring it.
Suddenly he felt a hard pressure between his elbows over the wrappings and then a wonderful rush of what felt like cold air filled the small space and he inhaled deeply and gratefully. He realised that Mistress had made a hole in the clingfilm before his face and arms and that he could now breathe easily again. He heard Mistress's voice calling into his ear.
'Time to come back into the world!'
He felt the body bag being unzipped and it was worked down around his ankles, then Mistress was pulling off the thick hood and unbuckling the gag. Chris gasped in relief as his face was exposed to the relative coolness of the dungeon. His head felt icy cold as the air hit his sweat drenched face and scalp. Mistress was standing in front of him and she was smiling.
'Well done!' she told him warmly and Chris experienced a surge of gratification and pride.

It seemed a long time to Chris before the tight rope tie was removed and when it was all off and coiled neatly away Mistress turned aside and selected a small, razor sharp knife.
'Do not move.' she told Chris and then began to carefully insert the blade between the clingfilm and his skin.
When the cut was large enough, she laid aside the knife and grasping the cut edges of the film she began to rip and tear it from his body. Chris was soon totally off balance and was pulled this way and that as Mistress roughly ripped the layers away. Soon, he gave up trying to keep his balance and found that letting himself go limp and at the mercy of Mistress's tugging was extremely erotic and satisfying...a giving up of control as he submitted willingly to her rough handling. As the layers of wrapping came away he began to shiver, feeling very cold as the air hit his wet, sweat soaked body.
Then he was naked again and Mistress was reaching up to release his wrists. Chris amazed himself when he stumbled and would have fallen but for Mistress's supporting hands. He felt a little faint and so tired that he hardly knew how he kept upright.
'Put your hands on my shoulders and follow me.' Mistress ordered.

Chris did so and Mistress led him up the dungeon steps and then up to the first floor. She took Chris into a large roomy bathroom and stood him before the toilet bowl. She sat on the side of the bath and stared at him.
'Let me see you pee.' she instructed.
Chris tried hard to do as ordered, but he found it impossible to produce anything at all with Mistress's eyes on him!
'Um I can't Mistress.' he told her. 'I am trying, but its not easy with you watching me!'
Mistress tutted loudly.
'Oh get on with it boy!' she exclaimed swishing the cane she had carried up with her.
Afetr closing his eyes and concentrating, Chris managed to urinate to Mistress's satisfaction and was rewarded with another pleased smile.
'You have done very well today and have suceeded in pleasing me.' she told Chris. 'Now it is my pleasure to reward'

She turned on the taps and half filled the big bath with warm water, adding a generous amount of bubble foamer, then told Chris to get in and to lie back. He did so and Mistress picked up a brush and began to soap him all over. Chris sighed with rapture as he felt the warm, scented water being sluiced over his tired body. He felt as though he had run several marathons in the last hour!
'Close your eyes and enjoy.' Mistress told him.
The next ten minutes were a delightful mixture of exquisite pleasure and sudden pain as Mistress used the stiff bristle brush to alternately caress and torture Chris's body.
At last Mistress stood back and ordered him out of the bath and Chris regretfully obeyed, wishing the play could have continued for much longer. He was thrown a lovely soft bath towel and told to dry himself, then to come back downstairs and make both Mistress and himself a coffee before he left.
'I am going to teach you how to serve me the coffee in the Gorean fashion and then we will have a short chat before you leave.' Mistress told him.' This is all part of your reward because you have suceeded in being pleasing. Now hurry up and dry yourself and don't forget between your toes you slut!'
'Yes Mistress!' replied Chris, feeling tired but supremely, satisfyingly happy.
He was looking forward to the coffee and to being able to be with Mistress for much longer than had been agreed or planned. How glad he was that he had plucked up courage and contacted Mistress! What memories he had to cherish and review time and again.

'Curse of the Mummy!' he chuckled to himself as he carefully dried between each toe.


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