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UK Mistress Directory - Monthly Story


Part 1

Josh shivered as he stepped off the train, the cold February air causing him to pull his scarf tighter about his throat. Quickly he joined the other passengers and walked up the steep steps and out of the station grasping the small black suitcase in gloved hands.

Looking around him he saw the taxi rank and walked towards it, but did not join the waiting queue. Instead, he stopped short and leant against the stone wall of the station, his eyes seeking out the face of every passenger in every car that passed.

Where was she? He was early, the train having made good time and he hoped he would not be kept waiting too long in this freezing weather.

As he anxiously searched for a sight of her rosy cheeked face and short blonde hair, his mind went over the events of the last twenty four hours.

Was it such a short time ago that he had begun talking to Rachel in that online chat room? He had noticed her name as soon as he got in and looked down the list... kajira_siri_MM. The word 'kajira' immediately had his attention and he eagerly looked at her profile, noting the picture of her in a full body rope tie and with an ecstatic look on her attractive face. Her blog referred to herself in third tense, listed her preferences and verified that she was a Gorean. She then went on to say she was collared and owned by Mistress Magenta, but had permission and would be happy to chat to anyone nice.

He had hopefully sent her a private message to chat one to one and using the opening line. ' I'm nice! '. She had responded positively and they had chatted all afternoon and most of the evening and got on 'like a house on fire!' as his mother often said.

'I see you are Gorean? ' he had asked.

'Yes I am. Do you know about Gor? ' she replied.'

'A little' he told her. ' Enough to know I am fascinated by the concept and would love to know a lot more. Is it true that there are real life Goreans as well as online ones? '

'Of course! There are many things that can be taken from the books and used in real life situations and in play.' she replied. ' My Mistress is also Gorean and of the old school as well. I can tell you that a lot of it does work well in real life, but does not suit everyone as it can be very harsh and uncompromising and involves a total power exchange.'

The conversation had gone on for hours and Josh had learned many things of the Gorean way of life, discovering that all its aspects not only appealed to him but made little shivers of pleasure run up and down his spine as he imagined himself in the sort of settings and situations Rachel described. He had also realised that Rachel was extremely intelligent and expressed herself with such beauty and eloquence that he found her a joy to chat to.

At last she had extended an invitation that made his heart miss several beats.

'My Mistress has arrived and I have to log off.' she told him. ' But She has read a little of our conversation and asks if you would like the opportunity of meeting us and serving Her. You will be quite safe and will not be harmed in any way.'

Josh had sat staring at the screen for a full minute before he gathered his wits enough to reply.

'Yes!' he typed. 'Yes! Yes! Yes! How??? '

There was a long pause before she replied and the sweat broke out on his forehead. Had he waited too long? Was she still at the computer? Had he missed this chance?

At last she responded:

'Can you get to Leeds by train easily? ' she asked. 'Are you free this Sunday?'

'Yes!! I live quite close to Leeds so that is more than convenient' he typed. 'Yes!! I am free this Sunday.'

'Great! Be waiting by the taxi rank outside the station at 10am.' she told him. ' We will pick you up. Mistress will be driving a red Alpha.'

'WAIT!! ' he typed. ' What shall I wear? Should I bring anything? Do you want another picture?'

He had sat waiting for fifteen minutes but there was no reply. He suddenly realised he was sweating and rubbed the palms of his hands together. Was it only twenty four hours ago?

Now as he waited he wondered why he was here. Surely it had all been a joke and they would not turn up? He had lost count of the times some online 'pal' had made promises and not kept to them and why should such a wonderful and exiting promise like this one be any different? He sighed and hunched his shoulders, shivering again as the cold winter air pierced his clothing.

Then his searching, expectant eyes saw a red Alpha turn into the semicircular road leading up to the taxi rank and he tensed as his unblinking gaze focussed on its windows. Yes!!! There she was in the passenger seat, her face breaking into a pleased smile at the sight of him, her hand lifting in an exited little wave. The car slowed to a halt and she jumped out.

'Get in quickly! ' she exclaimed.' holding the door of the back seat open and he obeyed, even remembering to click on the safety belt.

The car moved smoothly away and nosed its way back into the stream of city centre traffic. He was here and this was actually happening to him! He felt like pinching himself to make sure he was awake.

' Ididn't think you would actually come! ' he told Rachel. ' But I am very glad you did. Where are we going?'

She did not answer and he repeated his question, but again was met by silence. He stared at the back of her head in puzzlement. A cool clear voice brought his attention to the driver.

'miri will not reply unless she is given permission to speak.'

The driver's head turned a fraction towards him and he examined her profile in the bright daylight. He saw a beautifully austere face framed by jet black hair that was swept up high in shining coils. One long thick strand hung free down her back. Her eyes were fixed on the road ahead and a faint smile turned up the corners of her small scarlet lipped mouth. A huge glossy shoulder cape made of long, silver tipped fur caressed her high cheekbones and made her white skin look almost translucent in the winter sunshine. In the lobe of her ear a large blood red stone scintilated and glittered. He stared, drinking in her appearance and beginning to feel a heady exitement. What would the next few hours bring?

Part Two

As the car negotiated through traffic Josh looked out of the window with interest. He was fairly familiar with most cities in West Yorkshire and saw they were approaching the outskirts of Bradford.
Just outside the city centre the car slowed and then suddenly turned down a narrow side street, finally coming to a halt in an empty car park outside a large warehouse. Rachel jumped out and ran around to the driver's side to pull and hold open the car door. Josh sat still, not knowing what was expected of him. The driver stepped out and beneath the fur cape he saw she was wearing a long velvet cloak that covered her from shoulder to feet. She said something to Rachel, walked to a small door in the side of the building, inserted a key and went inside as a grinning Rachel beckoned him out of the car.
'What.......?'he began and then as she tapped her mouth he stopped as he remembered she was not allowed to speak to him.

Rachel took his hand and led him into the warehouse. As he stepped into the comparative gloom of the interior his hands were grasped, pulled behind his back and quickly manacled and then a leather hood was pulled over his head and he was plunged into darkness as the strings were drawn tightly around his neck. The driver's clear voice echoed down from somewhere above him.

'You may speak.'

'Yes Mistress. Thankyou Mistress!'Rachel replied.

'Trust me.'hissed Rachel in his ear and Josh swallowed hard and wondered where he had heard that before!

He felt her gentle but firm hands take his elbows from behind and guide him forward.

'Now we will go up twenty seven steps.'she continued. 'Put one foot out and you will feel the bottom one.'
Josh did so and with help and guidance he slowly and carefully negotiated a long, steep flight of wooden steps, their tread sounding hollow as the huge empty building echoed to the sound of their feet. At the top she turned him to his left and guided him forward.

'Lower your head. We are going through a low doorway'she whispered and then he was being led forward again and felt the top of his head brushing against a beam.
'You may stand upright again.'Rachel told him and the hands left his elbows.

By now he was slightly out of breath both with climbing the steep steps and with apprehension at what was to happen and he stood gathering his thoughts and trying to get his bearings. He stood alone and slightly swaying as he concentrated on keeping his balance while manacled and within the utter blackness of the tight fitting hood. He could hear soft sounds as someone moved about the room, but there were no more voices and he began to feel anxious.

Suddenly he was enveloped in a warm cloud of perfume, heavy, earthy, sensuous and with subtle floral undertones of jasmine and musk and he felt the manacles leave his wrists. The same clear voice he had heard before murmured close to his ear.

'Step backwards boy.'

He tentatively did as ordered and felt his arms gently raised and strapped tightly to some hard object that felt slightly warm and smooth, then his feet were nudged widely apart and his ankles were also strapped down. He leant back and felt a structure of some sort pressing into his back and legs, then tilting back his head he felt its hardness against his skull.
For a few seconds there was stillness in the room and then without warning the leather hood was pulled off his head and he stood blinking in the sudden light. Directly in front of him stood the raven haired driver of the car. He gasped and his eyes widened, the pupils dilating in his efforts to quickly focus and take in the sight!

She still wore the exotic furred cape but had now discarded the velvet cloak. Beneath the fur and clasped around her long throat she wore a wide collar of fiery red gems. These and her ruby ear studs glittered in the light of two huge candelabra filled with black wax tapers and her glossy, scarlet lipstick shone wetly as it echoed the blood red tones of the jewellery.
Her long sleeved black velvet gown was slashed to the waist in a deep wide V that half exposed the nipples of her full breasts and its tight clinging ankle length skirt was also slashed up to the hip at one side to show a slim leg encased in sheer black silk. A wide garter of scarlet leather thickly studded with long steel spikes adorned the exposed thigh. On her small feet she wore scarlet patent leather stillettoes and in her hand she grasped an elegant silver topped riding crop which she negilgently tapped against her other palm.

'Welcome to my world boy.'she purred, a wide smile widening those wetly gleaming red lips.

Part Three

For long seconds Josh could not drag his eyes away from that smile and the small white teeth glimpsed between those scarlet lips. Then her stare was broken as she turned away and he felt himself released from the intense eye contact.
Blinking, he looked around the dimly lit room. Obviously some upper storage space in the huge warehouse, the high beamed ceiling and wooden floor spread away into dimness and shadows in front and to his right side.

To his left he saw a pale shape half revealed in the candlelight and saw with a sudden surge of shock that it was Rachel, now naked exept for a length of of scarlet silk which was looped over a wide belt of red leather and then passed between her thighs and tied onto the belt at the back. He saw that she was kneeling back on her heels with widely spread thighs, her body and posture beautifully upright, but with a slight and delicate curve to the spine as she thrust out her small pert breasts. He suddenly remembered a sapling he had seen reaching up to the light amidst the surrounding forest, straightgrowing, fresh and filled with the instinct to survive and flourish. Her pretty face was flushed and her bright, smiling eyes met his for an instant before quickly lowering. Hands rested palms upward on her thighs with the fingers curled slightly.

He stared avidly, drinking in the sight and thinking it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. The sound of his own heart pumping the blood around his body echoed in his ears as exitement rose and suddenly and without any shred of doubt he knew that he wanted to do what Rachel was doing, that he belonged here in the presence of this woman and that she had the knowledge and skill to teach him what he craved to learn. Fear and doubt were swept away in a heady rush of longing that was almost painful and then he heard his own voice speaking as it seemed almost without voilition.
' I want to learn Mistress! I want to know how to serve like Rachel! I want to BE! '

The beautiful woman stepped nearer and leaned in so close that the warm moist scent of her breath touched his flushed face and he breathed in deeply, feeling the aura surrounding her and wanting desperately to retain some part of her, to belong in some small way to what was the essential her. Her smile disappeared and her dark eyes stared into his as she spoke.

' My Way is not an easy Way. It takes intelligence, courage and even bravery and sometimes there will be great pain and suffering as your mindset develops. You will fight against what seems injustice and even vindictiveness at times and only an intense desire to become perfect will sustain you when all seems pointless and foolish. You will be ridiculed by those who do not or are not capable of understanding what you are doing. You will be castigated by people too stupid to become what you are becoming and too impatient to endure the long training and you will be bullied by those who do not have the intelligence to empathise with the Way. Tell me why you would wish to endure all this.'
There was a short silence while Josh assimiliated all her words and their meaning and then he whispered.

' I do not know if I can endure it. I only know that I have always felt their was something missing in my life, something that I yearned and ached for and which I have been trying to grasp for years, but it always eluded me because I did not know what it was. I have recently been using online chat rooms of various types, always leaning towards those which are fetish based and then one day I stumbled on a Gor room and knew I had found what I had been seeking. Much of what went on there was just typed fantasy, entertaining but not even pretending to be based on reality, but there were some parts...some of the characters....'

Josh paused as the familiar feeling overwhelmed him once again. He fought to suppress it in the silence that followed his words. The woman smiled softly.

' There are tears in your eyes boy.' she remarked quietly.

' Forgive me Mistress. I feel so strongly about this and your words strengthened those feelings.'

' Never ever apologise for your feelings. We have no control over what thoughts or feelings enter us. We only have control over our resulting actions.' the woman told him. ' Continue with your explanation.'
Josh again paused, collecting his thoughts and formulating what he wanted to say. He instinctively knew that he only had this one chance, this one opportunity and he was desperate not to throw it away. He felt he MUST convince this woman of his sincerity. He took a deep breath.

' I want to learn the Way, whatever the Way is.' he stated. ' I feel such a strong attraction and affinity to everything I have seen so far both in those Gor rooms I mentioned and also here in this room that I cannot explain my feelings even to myself much less to someone else. I know you can teach me what I long to learn and I know that this Way you speak of is the right Way for me, even though I do not yet know what it entails. I can only tell you that I will do whatever you tell me to do providing it does not endanger my life.'

He stopped suddenly and a little breathless laugh escaped him.

' I feel so desperate that I feel like withdrawing even that limit! ' he exclaimed.

The woman laughed.

' I believe that you are sincere and that YOU believe every word you have said.' she told him.' Do you promise to obey me in all things and without question?'
Josh swallowed.

' Yes.' he said simply.

' Very well.' she responded.' You will now be driven back to the station. You will not speak during the journey. When you get home you will log onto the computer and erase miri's name from your friends list and you will not contact her again.'

Reaching up, she removed the straps from his wrists and then stooped to unfasten his ankles. Without a further glance in his direction she turned her back to him, walked to a small table set beside the candlelabra and began to unfold a large piece of black fabric.

Part Four

Josh stared in dismay at Mistress's back. What??!! He was confused and felt a terrible sense of anti climax. One second he had felt accepted and welcomed and the next rejected and discarded.
He saw Rachel waiting at the door, the small black case containing his internet bought slave harness in her hand and miserably followed her out and down the stairs. He felt so dejected that he shook his head at her signal to sit beside him and took his place once more in the back of the car, wanting to be as alone as possible in order come to terms with his disappointment. The order not to speak was easy to keep....never had he felt less like making conversation and he was very glad when the car again pulled in at the station taxi rank.

The short train journey back home gave him more time to think and he could not prevent a little feeling of hope from beginning to form in his generally optimistic mind. After all, She had not actually said that he was not suitable and Rachel HAD smiled broadly at him when she had waved goodbye. Maybe she knew something he did not?
He decided that at the very least he could prove his sincerity even if only to himself by following instructions to the letter and as soon as he reached home logged onto his computer. There was his very short friends list and close to the top was miri's name. He sat staring at it for several minutes as his mind raced, his finger hovering over the delete tab. Eventually he sighed, took a deep breath and clicked.

The satisfaction of knowing he had obeyed did not feel as sweet as he had hoped, but it was something.

For the next two weeks and whenever he had a spare hour Josh haunted the chat room where he had first contacted Rachel, but he never saw her name on the list of occupants. He wanted desperately to ask those in the room if they had seen her there recently but managed to resist the temptation and at last all hope of ever again speaking to her started to fade. He began to use a different room and tried to put all thoughts of the two Goreans out of his head.

Then one night and quite out of the blue he received a request to chat. He looked at the name...sara and decided to accept. Why not? As the chat page opened he saw the other was typing a message.
'Hi Josh! It's Rachel. How are you?'

He felt glad exitement surge through his whole body and his fingers seemed tied in knots as he hurried to type a response.

'Hi miri!!!!!!!! Im good thanks. You????'

'Exellent thanks' she replied.'Mistress is here with me. Can you speak on the telephone right now?'

Almost shaking with exitement and nervousness, Josh gave his number and soon he was listening to Mistress's cool precise voice.

'Hello Josh. Are you able to be free overnight this Saturday, returning home Sunday?' she asked.

'Yes! Absolutely!' he gasped, then remembered to add 'Mistress!'

'Exellent! Be at the same pickup place at 7pm on Saturday evening.' she instructed. 'Do not have a large meal beforehand as you will be having a small snack later on.'

'Yes Mistress! Do you wish me to bring anything with me?' he asked.

'No, nothing exept what you might need overnight such as a toothbrush. Store this number in case of problems, otherwise see you then and do not be late' she told him and hung up.

Josh collapsed back into his chair, a wide grin of pure joy on his face. How glad he was that he had decided to obey orders. He knew without a shadow of a doubt that if he had tried to contact Rachel he would not have received this invitation and his golden opportunity would have been lost!

'Roll on Saturday!' He uttered the words out loud and literally hugged himself in his glee.

At 6.45 Josh was waiting outside the taxi rank, his brown hair washed and styled and liberal dashes of Aramis cologne applied to his newly showered body. He felt almost sick with exitement and that vague, undefined and yet insistant longing that had haunted him for years.

This time he was fairly certain that they would turn up but as the hour approached he could not help a little niggle of doubt and anxiety that they might not!
However, just after the Town Hall clock had struck seven, the red Astra drew to a halt beside him and he slid into the back seat, inhaling the familiar scent of Mistress's heady perfume and again drinking in the sight of her glossy, piled up black hair and classic profile. Rachel did not look at him but he saw she had a warm, welcoming smile on her pretty face and could feel the welcoming atmosphere within the car.

'miri is now sara and she may not speak to you yet.'Mistress explained.'You also must remain silent unless you really do need to tell me something or have a problem and then you may ask permission to speak. Do you understand?'

'Yes Mistress!' Josh responded and was rewarded with a smile.

This time their journey was relatively short and they pulled up in the carpark of a small hotel on the outskirts of Leeds.

Josh had been thinking how he should act when they reached their destination and he leapt out of the car as soon almost before it had stopped, ran around to the drivers side and had the door held open for Mistress to alight before Rachel had chance to move. Again he was rewarded by a pleased smile and a nod from Mistress, who then swept past him and into the hotel foyer, closely followed by Josh and Rachel. He saw that Rachel was carrying a large holdall and wondered if he should offer to cary it, but as Mistress half turned and imperiously signaled him to follow, he hurried forward and was close behind her as she stopped at the hotel desk.

Mistress and the clerk exchanged a few words and then they were being directed to a door at the end of the large lobby and thence along a long corridoor to another door at the very end. Josh hurried forward to open it and they all entered a large dimly lit room. Josh looked quickly around and gasped.


Part Five

Josh felt slightly disorientated as his eyes took in the scene before him.

In the low light from four large red shaded corner lamps he saw two rows of small couches in the centre of the floor all draped with what looked like sheepskins. Seated on these were figures of both sexes, some talking and laughing and some being served food and drink by other figures who were mostly naked exept for a slip of brightly coloured silk draped between their thighs and held in place by a thin belt. Josh immediately remembered his encounter with Mistress and Rachel recognised this form of dress as the one that Rachel had been wearing.
Now his eyes feasted on many repetitions of the sight he had thought so beautiful, but all too quickly he felt Rachel's hand on his arm and followed her and Mistress into a small changing room.

The next ten minutes prove both exiting and confusing for Josh as he was ordered to strip and then patiently shown by a mostly naked Rachel how to dress in the slip of silk. He saw that his own was in white while hers was a deep glowing scarlet.

When both were ready they helped Mistress to dress, Rachel instructing Josh to kiss each item of clothing before handing it to Mistress. Josh felt clumsy and was worried about doing something wrong, but Rachel's smiling face and friendly voice and manner encouraged him and he found himself beginning to take great pleasure in the service.

At last Mistress expressed herslf satisfied as she gazed in the full length mirrors attached to one wall of the room. Josh thought she looked stunning and could not help repeatedly glancing at her.
Mistress was wearing a long sleeved floor length gown of clinging scarlet satin and over it a black velvet cloak lined in scarlet to match the vivid shade of the gown. High heeled black satin slippers peeped from beneath the hem.

At her signal, Rachel produced a beautiful, filmy veil of fine scarlet silk, the hem beaded and tasselled to give weight. She pinned it securely to Mistress's piled up hair and then threw the hood up over her head, tucking in every stray strand so that only her dark flashing eyes were visible over the red silk. She then handed Mistress a pair of red satin gloves. Pulling them on, Mistress swept out of the room and back into the main hall, Josh and Rachel following behind. Josh again gazed around, entranced by what he saw.

To his left his eyes caught sight of a pretty girl with red, waist length hair and clad in only a wisp of yellow silk just emerging from another doorway. In her hands she carried a plate piled with salad and chicken and he noticed how beautifully she walked and how proudly and confidently she held herself as she covered the short distance to the row of couches. Stopping short of these she waited, the plate delicately poised in both hands as her bright eyes looked intently at the tall man seated on one of the middle couches, then seeing his negligent beckoning finger, she smiled, moved forward and setting the tray on the ground in front of her she swiftly knelt, her thighs opening widely as she settled back on her heels, spine straight and yet with that delicate curve that Josh had seen in Rachel's posture.

He immediately recognised the position as the one that Rachel had assumed in her Mistress's presence and again felt that surge of longing to be taught how to present himself so beautifully and with such confidence.
Still smiling, the girl bent forward, lifted the plate in both hands, kissed it's white rim and then fleetingly looked up into the Man's face as she said,

'Layla offers Master this plate of food and thanks him for permitting her to be of use to him.'

She then thrust the plate out to the man with outstretched arms, head going down so that her pretty face was between her elbows. Josh could see glimpses of her flushed, smiling face through the strands of her long red hair that hung like a straight curtain of chestnut silk and trailed over her parted knees.

The man took the plate from her hands, his fingers lingering on the girl's own hands and then he nudged her with one foot and as she looked up, motioned her to take her place on the carpet at his left hand and very slightly at the rear of his couch.

As Josh at last tore his eyes away he saw the man break off a small piece of the chicken and hand feed it to the girl. Her lips opened to receive the morsel and she smiled gratefully at him before again lowering her gaze.

He then suddenly became aware that Mistress was speaking to him and immediately was all attention.

'Come Josh. You will have ample time and opportunity to witness many pretty sights like that, but do not stare as you have done so far or you will cause great offense. Keep your eyes lowered and when you watch what is happening do it in a subtle and inconspicuous way or you will no longer be welcome here' she told him.

Josh blushed as he quickly responded.

'Yes Mistress. I am very sorry. It will not happen again' he assured her.
Mistress remained standing over him and as he hesitated, not knowing what to do next Rachel whispered in his ear.
'You must thank Mistress for taking the time and trouble to correct and instruct you!' she hissed . Josh swallowed.
'Thank you for taking the time and trouble to correct and instruct me Mistress.' he blurted then spontaneously added,
'I really do thank you Mistress! I know I am doing everything wrong'
Mistress smiled.
'How do you know this?' she asked. 'Have I said so?'
Josh hesitated as he searched for words.
'No Mistress' he responded and was again met with a cool smile.
'I decide if and when you are doing something wrong' she told him.
Josh thought quickly and was rewarded with a warmer smile and a brush from one of Mistress's gloved fingers when he said.
'Thank you for taking the time and trouble to correct and instruct me Mistress!'

Mistress nodded and turned away from him to greet an attractive woman dressed in a long robe of some shimmering gold material.
Josh now saw with surprise that just like Mistress the gold clad lady wore not only gloves, but also a beautifully embroidered yellow silk veil and that the hood attached to her robe was pulled up and over her hair so that only her sparkling blue eyes showed. He thought the two ladies, so similarily dressed looked wonderfully mysterious and therefore even more desirable.
Suddenly remembering that he must not stare he quickly lowered his eyes, contenting himself with glancing up through his lashes.
The blue eyed lady glanced at him and spoke.

'And who have we here?' she asked.

Mistress tapped his arm and pointed to where Rachel now knelt behind her.

'Down!' she instructed and Josh quickly knelt beside Rachel, trying his best to emulate her superb posture and beautifully poised body. Mistress gave a little laugh.
'This is Josh and as you can see, he is hungry to learn the Way.'she replied. 'May he enter, observe and learn?'
'By all means!' cried the blue eyed lady and then they were being led forward towards a small empty couch at the end of one row, Rachel crawling forward on hands and knees and Josh doing his very best to copy everything she did.

At last Mistress settled herself on the empty couch and signaled to Josh and Rachel to kneel slightly behind her. This gave Josh a chance to again look around him from under lowered lashes and he made full use of the opportunity.

Part 6

Josh was so enthralled by the scene before him that he almost missed Mistress's words.
'Josh, you may speak to sara who will answer any questions you may have. You have ten minutes in which to talk'
Josh smiled gratefully.
'Thank you Mistress!' he responded.
He turned to Rachel.
'I see there are Masters and Mistresses who are sitting on those couches and other people who I assume are submissives serving them in various ways' he said. 'It is all very beautiful. I loved the way that redhaired girl (here he pointed) gave her Master a plate of food.'
Rachel's gaze followed his finger.
'Oh, you mean layla and Master Gregory' she replied, then laughed softly. 'Master Gregory does not own layla as a personal slave. He is without a slave at the moment and layla is at present unowned by one dominant and so owned by all.'
She saw Josh's puzzlement as he looked from the man to layla and laughed again.
'Let me tell you a little of how this works' she offered. 'A man called John Norman wrote many science fiction books about a Counter Urth called Gor a long time ago. They are very badly written, can be repetitive and now sound very outdated. However his concept of a world where there were only two sorts of people..the Free and the slaves.. captured and still are capturing peoples' imaginations the world over. We and many many thousands of others are taking John Norman's concept of a total power exchange and using what we can of it in real life.'
She paused, her eyes flicking over the room.
'Although some of the slaves in here are owned by a specific person, they are still slaves to every Free in the room and will obey any orders from any Free providing it does not violate the wishes of their owner/s.' she told Josh. 'The ones who are not specifically owned are slaves to all the Free equally. Thus layla will obey any who wish her to be of service and will make herself useful to all Free as you saw just now.'
Josh was silent a few moments taking in Rachel's words.
'Errrrrr So what about me?' he stammered. 'I am not owned, or does Mistress now own me?'
Rachel smiled.
'No. Mistress does not own you. It would not happen just like that even if you were widely experienced in the world of domination and submission. Mistress prefers to train someone to see if they are likely to be suitable before she consents to bestow her collar.Only if you were already a fully trained Gorean slave would Mistress consider collaring someone she knows little of. It is a great honour to be owned and also your behaviour and level of skill would reflect on Mistress's honour' she said simply.
Josh thought about this.
'How do I persuade Mistress to own me?' he asked. 'Do I just ask her if she will?'
'Noooooo!' laughed Rachel. 'You would have to beg Mistress to consent to train you first and then if she agreed you would wear her training collar until you were fully taught and thus capable of being pleasing. Then Mistress would do one of three things. She could give you a full collar and you would then be her property, or she could pass you on to another owner providing both you and the prospective owner were willing, or she could just leave you to your own devices and you would then be 'owned' by any Free who's presence you were in....just like layla.' she added.
Mistress interupted their conversation.
'Show Josh how to serve me a glass of wine.' she ordered.
Rachel immediately sprang into action and in a few lithe graceful movements she was on hands and knees in front of Mistress's couch. Josh saw the flush of pleasure that lit up her elfin face and made her look beautiful.
'Yes Mistress! May sara ask if Mistress wishes for red or white wine?'
Mistress said she would have the red.
'Yes Mistress! Red wine at once!' exclaimed sara and and backed away on hands and knees. Josh quickly scrambled into place at her side and rather clumsily did the same.
When a few feet away, Rachel got up and walked to the kitchen, Josh following closely and trying to emulate her beautiful posture. Rachel selected a glass and gave it a good polish with a cloth, then filled it with wine.
'If we were at home I would bring a decanter or bottle and pour in front of Mistress as part of the serve' she explained. 'But I cannot do that here. Now please pay attention to everything I do and say'
Josh followed her back to within a short distance from where Mistress sat and then she stopped and hissed.
'Mistress will give us permission to approach when she is ready to be served'
Mistress gestured them forward and Rachel placed the glass of wine in Josh's hand as she carefully knelt. Josh noticed that she took her time to get the position just right, widening her thighs and sitting back on her heels, then stretching her spine upwards to give a beautiful curve to the back. When ready she reached up and took the glass from Josh and motioned him to kneel beside her. Josh mentally crossed his fingers.....

Part 7

Josh tried his very best to emulate her position, sucking in his stomach and stretching his torso so that he looked slim and erect. He stared at Rachel, taking in every line of her beautifully poised body and wondered if he was managing to look half as good. From somewhere above and in front he heard a sudden little explosion of giggles and looked away from Rachel to see the blue eyed Mistress standing beside Mistress's couch. Her lovely eyes were crinkling above the veil as she laughed down at him.
'My goodness Emma!' she cried. 'I see your new protegee is learning to focuss upon the Free he is serving!'

Mistress joined in the laughter.
'This is his very first time and his very first position so he may be excused for concentrating on how he looks and not how the Free looks.' she responded. 'He will learn quickly I think because his heart is in the task.'

Josh hung his head as he realised that he had been so eager to get the position right that he had forgotten that Mistress was even there, but then as he heard Mistress's kind words he raised it again and smiled with pleasure. Rachel had stopped in her service and was waiting for permission to continue. Mistress beckoned, pointing towards the glass in Rachel's hand and the girl immediately lifted it, pressed her lips against the rim and then held it out in both hands as she whispered:
'sara offers this rich red wine to Mistress in the hope that it many cheer and refresh and that her service may be found pleasing in Mistress's eyes.'

Mistress accepted the glass with a smile, her fingers lightly brushing sara's own. She glanced at the blue eyed Mistress who had now seated herself on the couch.
'Would you like sara to bring you something?' she asked.
'No' responded the blue eyed lady .'But you can do something for me if you are willing. I have taken a real fancy to this boy and wonder if you would consider letting him come to me for training?'
Mistress paused.
'And after he is trained?' she asked.
'Well then I confess I had not thought beyond that point.' replied her friend.
'Let us make a deal then?' suggested Mistress. 'I also think there is a great deal of potential in this boy, although like many more he may not stay the course when the training gets hard. If he himself is willing let him come to both of us alternately and at least once every week to receive basic Gorean training without any specific and personal preferences over six months and then we will meet up and decide what happens next.'

'Agreed!' cried the blue eyed lady, then she walked over to Josh and bending over him with her back to the room she swiftly lowered her hood a fraction so that he glimpsed beautiful ash blonde hair and then she lifted her veil to show a plump, pretty face and a wide generous mouth which was smiling kindly at him. He saw all this in a few seconds before she again concealed her hair and features under hood and veil.
'Well Josh? Do you think you could serve me as well?' she asked.
'Yes Mistress!' Josh responded quickly. 'You are both very different in looks but both very beautiful!'
'In that case you will need to be able to differentiate between the two of us when you address us.' said Mistress. 'You may call me Mistress Emma. Now, are you willing and happy to stick to this arrangement? Be absolutely sure it is what you want because once you agree you will be expected to attend and work hard and it will not all be easy and comfortable. There will be times whwn you will want to give up and times when you may feel tired, angry and resentful. If you do not stick to the training you will be dismissed and may never get such a chance again, so be certain it is right for you and that you feel ready NOW.'

Josh did not hesitate. The thought of having not one but two Mistresses made him wonder if he was asleep and dreaming! He knew that many male submissives never got the chance to serve even one and now he was being given the opportunity of being trained by both these gorgeous ladies! His face was one huge grin as he assured them how grateful and happy he was and that he would work hard and make them proud. He felt as though his heart would burst with joy and he knew instinctively that he had found what he wanted after many years of searching.
'You may address me as Mistress Jenna' said the blue eyed Mistress and Josh bowed his head in acknowledgement.
Mistress Emma smiled at him.
'Welcome to Gor Josh.' she said 'You may begin your training by serving Mistress Jenna a glass of white wine and let us see if you can do it one half as well as sara.'
'Yes Mistress Emma! White wine for Mistress Jenna at once!' he cried and was rewarded by a pleased smile from both ladies.




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