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Mistress Maggie - Plastic Mummy Update


Hi, Mistress Maggie here with news of my most recent site update.

I have just added a session snippet to my website called ‘Plastic Mummy’.

It gives a full account in words and photos of a scenario from a session I did with one of my slaves, who amongst other things relishes the idea of having his breath controlled and being held in heavier bondage.

Slave had made the mistake of dribbling on my furniture and to prevent any recurrences needed to be mummified in a leakproof plastic wrapping, accompanied by a couple of suitably plasticky breathplay moments. A lot of plastic was involved.

My session snippets were designed to give you a flavour of how I engage with my slaves and play out your personal fantasies in my Preston playrooms.

Follow this link to find out if my Plastic Mummy ever managed to escape his predicament